According to persons with knowledge of the situation, the international IT and networking corporation Cisco has laid off nearly 4,000 workers in its most recent wave of layoffs. Out of its 83,300 total personnel, the corporation intends to let go 5% of those workers.

Other company employees who were laid off confirmed their termination on the social networking site Blind.

One such affected employee announced online that some 45 members of his team had been let go. "Impacted by Cisco layoffs today," read the post. Around 450 people were affected by the infrastructure and cloud services for their organisation.

The last working day can either be in February or March, according to a second employee of Cisco's product team. Employees who choose the first day of February as their last day of work will receive an extra month's compensation.

"The laid-off employees get to select whether they want their last day in February or March," the employee stated. However, the six-month notice period begins today. Therefore, they will receive 4 more pay months if they leave in February and 3 more pay months if they depart in March.

Another worker made note of the fact that the layoffs had affected several business units and weren't just restricted to certain functions.