- Workshop on Innovations in Proctology & a live demonstrative program

A Live surgical workshop was held at Godrej Memorial Hospital, Vikhroli East Mumbai under the banner of international society of coloproctology (ISCP) and Surgical Society Thane. It was two days live surgical workshop on 05 & 06 March where total of 15 patients got operated free of cost. The theme Innovations in Proctology was unique as stress was to cut down on the cost of surgery by Innovative cost-effective methods and make the surgery patients budget friendly.

The program was inclusive of the elaboratory lectures from the expert faculty. The other highlight of the workshop was the live corroboration and demonstration of the effectiveness of the surgery using rectal doppler and indocyanine dye during procedures for Hemorrhoids, Laser Hemorrhioplasty vis a vis Chivate’s procedure that is the formation of avascular zone in trans-anal suture rectopexy. All The important diseases right from rectal prolapse, Pilonidal Sinus, anal fistulas, Fissure in ano and Hemorrhoids  were operated & live streamed. This led to wide dissemination of knowledge and expertise.

We spoke to Dr. Jiten Chowdhry  who was the organizing secretary and the man behind the whole show. He quotes, “It is vital to organize such workshops for the benefit of the patients and surgeons as well and the need to perform the surgeries without the use of expensive gadgets so that even the surgeons operating in the remote villages can perform these kind of surgeries without the dependence of expensive gadgets and more and more patients are benefitted  The program was organized to circulate awareness  among the Proctologists The best part was that they operated all the patients for free of cost. And it was a blessing for the poor and needy. The ISCP brings out the vision of larger than life by bridging the gap between layman and doctors through educating mass public about medical sciences. This program was aimed at the new innovations in the proctology that should be circulated largely in India and beyond. The experts talked about the major problems faced by the patients and bringing out solutions to how to do with such surgery , also the healing after the surgery. The ISCP interests are in the well-being of the society and is driven by perseverance to reach their target.

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