DYT Pro is a one-stop-shop for creators to help them run their business with multiple personalised features and tools

New Delhi, March 9, 2022: The need of the hour for creators today goes beyond looking for monetization opportunities. They require a platform that has features, tools, and other resources that helps them run their whole business all from one place. Making this the impetus, Do Your Thng, a creator-first tech platform, announced a new paid subscription service called DYT Pro - a solution that empowers creators and becomes their main growth driver.

By rough estimates, there are over 50 million creators in the world. Of these, only 2 million make a full-time living out of content creation. Zoom in on India, and the lens is even more skewed towards mega creators. The majority of the creators here fall into the amateur and mid-tail categories. Each of these creators is a micro-entrepreneur and needs specific tools to help transform their content and community and make it easier to be a creator.

DYT Pro is a one-stop-shop that gives access to personalised recommendations, exclusive tools and resources to creators who want to reach the next rung of the creator economy ladder. The current version of DYT Pro puts two existing features offered by DYT - Tools and Academy - under one umbrella, besides offering enhanced and complementary features.

Users will continue to have free access to Stories, recent articles, and trending news about the creator economy. All courses, formerly under DYT Academy, will require a subscription now. As will the Invoice Generator and Content Calendar (previously under Tools) that help creators generate, share and manage client invoices directly from the app and schedule reminders for campaign deadlines, respectively.

Additional features introduced to the already existing DYT experience include a dedicated section for personalised course recommendations, certifications after course completion, and access to an editable legal contract draft with payment and deliverables clauses that creators can download and tailor to their needs. Along with these, a subscription to DYT Pro comes with an entirely rebranded app user interface.

Looking ahead, DYT Pro anticipates being a central hub for creators to accomplish practically anything they need to grow fast and far in the creator economy. The intent is to map the entire journey of a creatorusing data tracked and analysed by DYT’s proprietary AI from every touchpoint, be it campaigns, courses, tools, or any other app feature. 

The app would then construct a progress ladder for each creator and, if they subscribe to DYT Pro, show them where they are on the roadmap currently and what they must do to move to the next step. They would receive AI-powered prompts and suggestions such as which course they should enrol in next, what content to post, or even where they could find a photographer or studio near them.

Ankit Agarwal, Founder, Do Your Thng, says, "For the past year, we’ve been learning from creators about what can make their journey in the creator economy more frictionless and, frankly, better. DYT Pro is a direct result of that. This is just the first iteration. Our vision for it is overarching. We plan to treat each creator as a micro-entrepreneur and use our AI to analyse their data to understand what stage of the journey they are on. Those insights become the backbone of DYT Pro to offer tools and tailored suggestions on monetization campaigns, courses, and more."

Hemant Dua, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, Do Your Thng, says, "With DYT Pro, we’re targeting creators who are either starting or want to take their journey to the next level but face teething problems like legal guidance. The subscription offers more and better ways for creators to participate in and cash in on the creator ecosystem. Our goal is to make every aspect of running a creator business simple, so creators can do what they do best - be creative. Ultimately, we expect DYT Pro to become the place where they come for every creator-centric question and concern."

Currently, DYT Pro is offered in annual and quarterly subscription plans, with the option of either a one-time payment or recurring payments. The former is priced at INR 2,499 but is available at an introductory offer of INR 499. Similarly, the quarterly plan, priced at INR 849, is available at an introductory offer of INR 49 for the first quarter. Both are for a limited time.

About DYT: Started in 2019, Do Your Thng (DYT) is a creator-first tech platform with an overarching vision to democratise influence and build a thriving creator community, offering two solutions that work in tandem. The first is the DYT app for creators to monetise content, network with other creators, upskill themselves and find support for ancillary services. The second is a self-serve web desk module for marketers for end-to-end influencer campaign management, including AI-powered creator discovery to ensure brand match and safety.

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