Sigtuple’s AI100 powered screening enables efficient Haematological cancer detection and disease management

Dr. BS Ajaikumar, Executive Chairman, HCG

5th July 2022, New Delhi: HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd (HCG), the leader in India in specialty healthcare services focused on oncology deploys Sigtuple’s AI100 making HCG the first hospital chain to equip the Hematopathology labs across its network with AI-powered screening solutions for cancer detection and disease management. SigTuple’s AI100 is the premier solution for AI-assisted digital hematopathology. It is also the only digital hematopathology solution available that is economical and robust enough for wide-scale adoption.

HCG, the pioneers in cancer care across India are now again at the forefront of technology adoption for pathology, using artificial intelligence-powered technology (SigTuple's AI100) to automate the manual microscopy (screening) process across its network.

As manual microscopy is still the standard in diagnosing several critical disorders like cancers, infections, etc., in the absence of a pathologist at site in laboratories outside urban areas, these samples need to be shipped to central reference laboratories for review. Apart from the logistic challenges and associated delays in turnaround times, there is also limited expertise available for providing high quality diagnostics at remote locations.

Dr. B.S. Ajaikumar, Executive Chairman, Healthcare Global Enterprises Limited (HCG) said, “AI-assisted digital scanning technology has indeed emerged as a game-changer in cancer care. Sigtuple’s best-in-class solution has brought remarkable precision to HCG’s Hematopathology diagnostic capabilities. The automation of key processes and optimization of logistics by virtue of this pioneering technology is a distinct value-add for HCG, given our overarching goal of serving the larger cause of patients through enhanced clinical outcomes”.

Dr.Tathagato Rai Dastidar_Founder & CEO, SigTuple

On the deployment of AI100, Tathagato Rai Dastidar, Founder & CEO of SigTuple stated, “SigTuple started in 2015 with a singular goal – to make quality healthcare more accessible, more accurate and more affordable. AI100 was built to solve the problem of digital pathology with that aim in mind. Having gone through a rigorous evaluation process at HCG and coming out on the top is a strong validation of the quality of the product built by the team. We compete head-on with the global companies in the digital cell morphology space and are able to offer much more than the competition and at significantly lower costs. We hope to replicate this success in the rest of the world very soon and play our part in accelerating the adoption of AI-powered digital pathology systems all over the world.”

World over, it is strongly believed that artificial intelligence assisted digital scanning technology is the way forward for pathology. Digital scanning technology makes it possible for pathologists to review samples remotely, without having to ship them to the reference laboratory, as the digital conversion can happen at site. This collaboration is expected to significantly reduce the turnaround time, standardise reporting quality and increase efficiency multi-fold. Further, this solution will enable pathologists to collaborate seamlessly across geographies thereby ensuring that every HCG centre will now get access to expertise across the network within seconds.

About HCG:

HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd. (HCG), headquartered in Bengaluru, is the largest provider of cancer care in India. Through its network of 24 comprehensive cancer centres across India and Africa, HCG has brought advanced cancer care to the doorstep of millions of people. HCG’s comprehensive cancer centres provide expertise and advanced technologies for the effective diagnosis and treatment of cancer under one roof. Under the “Milann” brand, HCG operates 7 fertility centres.

About SigTuple:

SigTuple is revolutionising pathology through robotics and advanced AI. We make the life of the pathologist easier, and thereby improve patient outcomes, by automating the inefficient and error prone manual microscopic review process for the most common tests – blood and urine microscopy. We offer a hardware + software solution. The hardware is an automated slide scanner, capable of converting any physical specimen into digital images. The AI platform analyses these images and provides clinical insights into the sample, which brings down slide review time for the pathologist, and allows her to seamlessly work remotely or collaborate with her colleagues across geographies.

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