Technology: Rise and Hope of New India

Agility is the ability to adopt and respond to change.  Agile organizations and individuals view change as an opportunity and not as a threat

The past eighteen months have seen several path breaking changes and disruptions in our lives. Not just professionally, even personally, every individual has undergone a whirlwind of change and experienced a roller- coaster of emotions. Technology has taken precedence: for businesses, education, shopping, personal development et all. In every aspect of life, we have witnessed a huge intervention of technology and how it is enabling development.

The pandemic limited movement for people. Venturing outside was forbidden, leading to behavioural changes among consumers with an objective to maintain control on the hygiene of their households through limiting what comes into their home. Therefore, inclusive learning, Omni Channel shopping preferences, online education, online food delivery, rise and growth of e-commerce, consumption of entertainment through OTT platforms, online gaming were imperative and chronicled how technology and digital have ushered in a new era of consumerism.

Education sector was heavily impacted with millions of children across the globe being forced to stay indoors as schools were immediately shut for prevention and spread of the virus. The future of our ‘future generation’ was uncertain with no engagement with their schools. However, owing to the evolution of technology and the immersion of digital, online education became the most significant conduit for the education sector. A recent report by Technavio states that online education market in India is expected to grow by USD 2.28 billion during 2021-2025, expanding at a CAGR of almost 20%.

In India, e-learning is new to our culture and ethos. Adjusting to the situation has been challenging for students and teachers alike. But as famously quoted, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’, Indians saw this as a huge opportunity and used it to their advantage. As a result, the past few months have seen leading online education platforms gaining unicorn status and becoming top start-ups in the country. This mammoth adoption is a testimony of how the country is embracing newer methods of learning and living life. Not just schooling, but professional learning has also witnessed a positive uptick in the past few months, promoting several professionals to take up courses in order to upskill and harness their talents.

Online food delivery saw a rampant growth over the past year and a half as the pandemic was a major deterrent to the hospitality industry. Hotels were shut for visitors, outstation travel was nil, as a result of which business for this sector was negatively impacted through the lockdown. The online food delivery market in India is growing with the evolving lifestyle patterns and eating habits of Indians. The market is also witnessing growth on account of the increasing access to high-speed internet facilities and the boost sales of smartphones. Therefore, the Indian online food delivery industry is undergoing a revolutionary phase. It is expected to grow at a staggering CAGR of 28.94% during 2020-2026. Zomato’s IPO recently has paved way for its competitors and other players in the industry to upscale and take bold steps of growth.

With changing times, consumer behaviour has undergone a paradigm shift. The way people shop and buy has witnessed a drastic transformation. While shopping online has evolved as a preferred option, Omni channel presence of brands helps consumers take informed decisions and resonate better with their favourite brands. Omni channel presence helps brands to cater to a wider audience and provide them with more curated shopping options. The pandemic has resulted in opportunities for businesses to develop hyperlocal delivery models, use conversational AI (artificial intelligence) and build omni-channels to acquire and serve customers.

Our country’s long-term consumption prospects remain robust as incomes rise and millions join the country’s consuming classes. By 2030, 55% of India’s ‘consuming class’ will spend more than $11 a day in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms and therefore will be able to spend on not only basics like food and housing, but also discretionary items. Digital consumerism will give rise to a new and resilient India that will create dominant footprint in the global domain. India is well on the path to achieve the 5trillion dream set out by our Honourable Prime Minister. In our country’s endeavour to strengthen efforts towards bold structural reforms for all sectors and encourage utilization of technology and digital solutions, we have together evolve and adopt smart solutions. These reforms and revolutionary changes will create a conducive atmosphere for businesses to flourish and attract new investments which in turn, will play a key role in kick-starting the economy of an Atmanirbhar Bharat.

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Success – The Tech Way

Does ‘Trakin Tech’ ring a bell? If so, it’s only because of Arun Prabhudesai’s relentless commitment to making this a brand a force to reckon with on social media. One of the biggest names among tech YouTubers, with a huge army of subscribers to his credit, this go-getter is taking the video sharing platform by storm with his  intriguing content, and unbiased tech reviews. With time, Prabhudesai has become the go-to YouTuber for all tech related queries. His unique ways of simplifying tech jargons, and breaking them down for layman understanding is unmatchable. Today, not only is the social star trending globally, but he’s also creating a tremendous buzz among regional language content creators!

In today’s digital era, the internet of things has become an extended part of our being, more like an integral organ; so to say – we can’t do without it;  so it is only obvious that we often consult online reviews, ratings, etc before we are to visit a restaurant, doctor, and most importantly, before purchasing devices. More often than not, we catch ourselves seeing plenty of YouTube unboxing videos, tech related videos and the like.

Realising the career potential of such tech initiatives and start-up culture in India, back in early 2000s, Arun Prabhudesai, a Civil Engineer and an ex – IT consultant, left behind a lucrative career in the United States and returned home only to excel in this, at that time; under-explored field. Exploring untouched opportunities in the tech world and positively anticipating the future like he always has, has got him a long way – From his first YouTube channel taking shape in an office cubicle to building an entire digital empire, he has paved the way for several others to take inspiration and follow suit. Today, Arun is among India’s most successful Tech Youtubers and an enterprising entrepreneur, with an inspiring success story like no other.

Having experienced a life in the UK, and the US, he had already gotten a taste of what the global startup ecosystem looked like; he founded Armoks Media Pvt. Ltd., based out of Pune, India. He then started a hindi channel ‘Trakin Tech’, his first and one of the fastest growing Tech YouTube channel globally. Armed with an entry level camera, that he paid monthly instalments for, Arun and his excellent team were able to reach 1L subscribers in just over a matter of a year. It now stands at 9,600,000+ subscribers.

Through his channel, he creates content that simplify complicated technical jargon and offer unbiased reviews of tech-based products to his subscribers. He keeps it as user-friendly as possible while simultaneously improving the quality of content with each new video. He aims at helping buyers and consumers choose products that best suits their technology needs while also assisting them in making wise purchasing decisions, based on the raw material the channel provides them with.

He even started his Blog- back in 2007, providing exhaustive coverage of hot trends and happening news in the Business & tech world and unabashed opinions on a wide array of subjects that include entrepreneurship, startup ecosystem, smartphones, gadgets, innovation, ideas and government policies.

Taking from his initial YouTube success, he started other channels too – Trakin English (260,000+ subscribers),  Trakin Tech Marathi, the largest Marathi tech YouTube channel with 480,000+ subs;

Trakin Ke Funde (250,000+ subs) a new age digital entertainment channel that showcases light-hearted, fun to watch, relatable storylines with a punch, Trakin Auto (340,000 + subs) was made with the view that the future is truly tech in auto. Here he features car reviews, comparison videos, first impressions, tips, and automobile news. His latest channel is Trakin Shorts (900,000 subs) with its bite sized videos imbibing fun tech content in just a hot minute, offering entertaining glimpse into the tech world.


With these ventures, Arun has transformed ‘Trakin’ from a brand to a community and envisions a future where he aims not just to stay ahead of the curve, but to inspire millions of people who look up to him –  “Agale video tak, keep trakin!”

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