The disruptive digital-first campaign which spreads the message of being kind even when no one is watching - being good from within

When we look at walls, the things that we admire the most are the color, sheen and how beautiful they look from the exterior. What sticks in our minds is the exterior beauty of the walls and we often miss acknowledging what lies behind - the reason for the beauty. As the adage goes, true beauty comes from within, but little do we realize, that it's the Wall Putty behind the paint, that makes it beautiful, gives strength and a long life to the painted surface by resisting flaking and providing a smooth base and superior adhesion.

Today's world is moving towards projection of outward beauty which may be superficially speaking, but short-lived. Being genuinely good from within is a virtue that is sometimes forgotten. Keeping this in mind, JKCement WallMaxX (formerly known as JK Wall Putty), has come up with #AndarSeSundar, a campaign that celebrates people who are good from within, no matter who is watching. 

Connecting this brand truth to our day to day reality, the brand has come up with a fully integrated digital campaign to amplify the #AndarSeSundar message in a humorous yet heart-touching way. The video showcases a prestigious award function where people chosen from different walks of life are being felicitated for their acts of goodness, no matter how insignificant they may be. The awards are given for their random acts of kindness, like ‘Pratham Patel being awarded for saving his brother from getting hit by a water balloon during Holi and sacrificing his own white shirt in doing so.’ There were two more unassuming and interesting personalities awarded in the film which beautifully captured, the thought behind the campaign.

Talking about the campaign, Niranjan Mishra (Business Head, JK White Cement Business): In a world increasingly moving towards floosy, fake goods, we wanted to create a point of view on being actually good, good from inside and not just exterior good. This resonates with our brand truth that JKCement WallMaxX wall-putty is an integral ingredient behind beautiful looking walls: #AndarSeSundar is the cause and #DeewareinBolUthengi is the effect. We have taken a light-hearted, humorous approach for this film rather than being preachy to ensure repeat-watching, salience and entertainment. Our objective was to unlock brand love by adding a “Dil”to the “Deewar”, in an otherwise low-involvement category.