--- first of its kind pursuit in solving the rotating puzzle cube---

Mumbai, 25th March, 2022: Navi Mumbai based Kashish Lakhani wins the prestigious Guinness World Records for solving the rotating puzzle cube. Kashish Lakhani and her team had showcased their extraordinary talent by solving rotating puzzle cubes simultaneously online, beating more than 250 participants from all over the world (USA, Qatar, Singapore, Dubai, UK, and Australia).

The process took place in a board room where around 50 people were present during the attempt. All the participants were divided into 15 rooms and each room had a steward allocated. There were 2 witnesses and 2 timekeepers along with the technical team. The whole event took 2 hours to finish. After doing due diligence and thorough authentication, Guinness World Records recognized the talent as the Most People solving rotating puzzle cubes simultaneously online. Kashish Lakhani was presented the certificate of official recognition.

“I feel great bringing home a World Title. I achieve to inspire! I wanted my students to achieve something which is priceless and precious. Furthermore bringing an idea to life requires a great deal of effort. My team is like a family and this record is a team effort. The record will always be dear to me as it was my first attempt and will always be a reminder of the hard work that I had put in this attempt. It was a challenging task, but my passion for Rubik Cubes was the driving force. I wish to further collaborate with speed cubers, to organise championships as well as and come up with different kinds of record titles under Guinness World Records, says Kashish Lakhani”.

Kashish and her team have been competing in numerous brain stimulation activities like Rubik's cube, mental math, sudoku kenken Memory enhancement etc.

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