A river trembles with fear before joining the sea only till the time he looks back and realises that he has crossed many mountains and valleys kept moving thru out the journey never stopped irrespective of any terrain went with flow never stagnated.

Now the fear disappears and river understands it is not going to lose its identity but will Amalgamate with great ocean to become one … its final destination for a greater purpose. I can relate to this famous saying of Khalilgibran (with few lines of mine )
most of us go thru this fear before taking a plunge as a entrepreneur .

Entrepreneurship is mostly by choice and very few start out of necessity. Self confidence plays a very important role  without which you cannot move a inch .

First mantra is never have No”s in our dictionary ,I can't ,I won't ,I couldn't ......But I would say why not ?I can, I will . This confidence comes learning rather willingness to learn which is eternal.only weak and lazy people give excuse as to how they can't ,won't etc. Here my sincere advise would be don’t even attempt since your mind has negated it by doubting your ability and once your mind rejected it  you will fail any which case.

Eternal hunger for knowledge is mandatory.

To be a entrepreneur one really needs very high level motivation that too loads & loads of self-motivation. Not only being the captain of the ship one needs to carry his people across safely and productively need to be positive in all situations.  Frankly speaking situations often leads to  opportunity to do something new .

Any business you choose you need to be very passionate about it, but not emotional because emotion does not help you make money .An entrepreneur literally eats & breathe lives only his business this will lead him to the path to success ,mind you success is not a destination it's a journey nor would I measure it monetarily .

Ethics is a primary rule a entrepreneur should follow and deliver with due diligence.

Personal life & Professional life  is like a train on the track it has to run parallel through out ,never should meet otherwise we tend to derail & lose direction.

Entrepreneurship itself means risk ,high amount of risks  to be taken weighing the pro and con

 As employer ,as a leader we are socially obligated to help others raise ,need to empower the workforce with constant training be it technical, creative, constantly do things to keep their energy level in high spirits.Ability to judge talent & nurture it , no person is born bad and good only thing that should matter is  his way of working his approach.

Lastly I sum it up with my motto and I practise this ..."Vidya dadhati vinyam " Knowledge leads to humility ,humility to reputation, reputation to Fame and fame to wealth and wealth to joy by giving others.

About Author

Vidya Nambirajan
Total work experience: 33 years. Brief background including business/ work experience: Hcl Ltd in Marketing (communication div )sales (1987-1991), Joined as a Market research executive in 1987, Annapoorna foils as Regional manager of Tamilnadu &Kerala(1991-1995), Shalivahana group as General Manager (1995-2001), Paramount & Nambirajan Foundation as CEO (2001 till date )

• Responsible for multifold growth of the company as a multibrand garage
• Pioneer to start using engine scanner in Hyderabad
• First ISO certified garage in AP/Telangana
• First woman entrepreneur in garage business and also to train women as mechanics
• Started a training centre for Automotive service technicians confirming to the standard of National skill development council
• The first batch in India to be assessed by NSDC
• Got a sanction as VTP from the govt for Nambirajan foundation first automotive service technician training in Telangana
• Tie up with SES Germany ,Hired a German in training on high end cars to scale up the quality of technicians
• Affliation to ASDC ,Rated as 4 star training centre
• Selected as international migration skill training centre
• First of its kind in cooperation with Indo German Chamber of Commerce for vocational training in Automotive service certified by DUAL PRO.
• Trained lot of BETECH engineers in mechanical and automobile div and successfully placed them in dealer network in India and also overseas.
• Started a consultancy help in setting up garages also set up a in house garage for Delhi public school Nacharam for their fleet service.
• Founded pabsonline for automobile solutions ERP &CRM
• Tie up First choice Mahindra as their franchise partner for used cars
• State coordinator for Telangana and AP AIAWA {All India Automobile Workshop Association}

IWN woman by CII
Legend Award by AIAWA
Jaycee Udyama rathna puraskar by Jaycee
Jijabai Award Shivaji college Delhi University
HYBIZ award for women leadership 2020

Education : B sc (zoology chemistry ,botany)

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