“Celebration of the glorious journey of India since its Independence, the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav has infused a new vigour in its people. The InMobi group is humbled, being honoured by the Government of India as a key milestone in India's innovation history. Much like the reason for India's success in the 75 years since Independence, it is India's hard work, dedication, talent, and unbridled passion for creating impact at scale which have brought us this far. Historically, we looked to the West for technology. We have now actively proven that world-class tech products can be built out of India, thanks to our multi-faceted talent, engineering prowess, creativity, design, and uniquely innovative Indian mindset. Technology has been critical to the progress we have made as a nation, leapfrogging over several developmental stages into the future. Nations are built on the backs of such an innovation-first mindset. Our impact is not limited to any particular industry but has cut across various systems to create ground-level changes that are meaningful at a societal and individual level. In the next 25 years, we must build together upon the work we have done so far to take Indian innovation to new heights. As we step into this new stage of India's evolution, being data intelligent, innovating responsibly, and building a framework where innovation results in inclusive experiences for all, is critical to our success. We are at the forefront of moving the human race forward in ways as yet unimagined. This is an exciting moment in history and we are better suited to meet it as a strong and united nation more than ever before. InMobi remains committed to building a brand with purpose and fostering innovation for all, building a new India for all young Indians where we move forward with pride and dignity embracing our roots and yet poised to design for the world! InMobi salutes and celebrates the spirit of India and wishes all Indians a very Happy Independence Day as we start the year-long celebrations of Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav and lay the roadmap for the next 25 for India@100.”

Naveen Tiwari, Founder & CEO, The InMobi Group.

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