Pariksha was a small startup company during its initial days and it has transformed into one of the largest vernacular EdTech companies. It is solving the massive problem of accessibility and affordability of outcome-based education for the mobile 1st internet users of Bharat. The founders are Deepak Choudhary, Karanvir Singh Shekhawat, Utkarsh Bagri, and Vikram Shekhawat. The headquarter is located at Pune, Maharashtra, India. Building into one of the most established Edtech Companies with a clear focus on the Bharat market. They serve the Internet users of our country and are solving the massive problem of accessibility and affordability of quality education for the Bharat market. Along with that, they are growing their industry into a big-scale E-learning platform by including skill assessment and skill-enhancement tests.

Karanvir Singh, Founder

The app is designed as an online test preparation platform intended to help aspirants learn, practice, and prepare for state government job exams. The company's platform offers a subscription-based, affordable, vernacular program that is based on the analytics and gamification model and comes with adaptive testing and mastery learning, enabling students to prepare for examinations in a convenient and enriching manner. To eradicate these inequalities and create a level playing field; they aspire to democratize equal access to learning opportunities and give every vernacular student a fair shot at success.

Pariksha’ was founded by Karanvir Singh, a graduate of Symbiosis University and IIT Kanpur, co-founded by Karan, his brother, and two IITians. The four founders were purpose-driven and brought back complementary skill sets in terms of Business, Product, and Technology. They believed the next phase of growth for our country will come from ‘Bharat’. They wanted to empower the youth of India with cutting-edge technology, user experience, content, pedagogy, and mentoring through both online and hybrid models to help them succeed. During the initial phase of growth, they launched an offering around state government job exam preparation. Now, they are going deep and wide by adding more complementary courses and launching our services in newer states. Its growth is directly related to the positive outcome for our users; we continuously strive to equip our users with all the tools, techniques, and knowledge that will improve their chances of success.

To provide the best of the classroom experience in terms of practice content, mock test, synchronous and asynchronous online classes, doubt solving, and mentoring is available to the user in the local language with the added advantage of top-notch content and proven pedagogy coming from their familiar partner of education institutions. Since this company is taking giant leaps towards its business goals, the CEO of Pariksha Karanvir Singh shared a Unique Selling Proposition that makes it superior to other giants in the industry. He explained that “We partner with the leading brick and mortar educational institutions in the state and launch co-branded courses. This partnership adds trust & credibility to our offering, helps us with top quality content, proven pedagogy, and market knowledge”. Since education is a credibility play and no other company is solving these problems of trust, credibility, touch, and feel, and patchy internet connectivity will not be able to make a dent in this market. He further added, “to prosper within the ‘Bharat’ market, the clear sharp focus, relatability, and reliability of the offering will help us to grow faster than any other player in the market.

The creator Karanvir Singh always contradicts Pariksha's exam preparation content partnership model to Coursera's. He says that partnering with the best brick-and-mortar test preparation institutions in a state gives Pariksha access to great teaching pedagogy and content with proven efficacy. He reveals that the company has raised $3 million so far amid growing interest from institutional investors and talks for the next $10 million round are underway. The round could see participation from Venture Capital (VC) firms based in Europe and Singapore talks.

Elucidating his plans for Pariksha in the near future, Karan says that the company will penetrate deeper into its captive market, and will go wider, attempting to offer preparation material for more state government exams, and in the long run, Pariksha would consider expanding to international markets, starting with Bangladesh which has a government job recruitment process that resembles the Indian system.

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