In this age of digital era we all share our ideas, advice and opinions on our professional subjects through social media. This allows readers to get to know our expertise, where we stand and also what they can gain from our knowledge. Our personality and our values are important parts of our personal brand. Identify your unique personal brand and articulate your value to your target community with clarity and confidence.

Create strategies to communicate a consistent brand message across multiple channels in your personal and professional life. Personal Branding is the ongoing process of creating an impactful unique identity through visual communication which includes your appearance that results in greater response to you and individuals associated with you. Personal Brand is for everyone.

Have you Googled yourself?

What do you want others to find out about you?

Wisdom, effort , determination, being proactive, ability to evolve are vital to success of any kind, however irrespective of who you are or what kind of business that you are in, personal branding can give you the right visibility, which leads to create an authentic identity or professional presence you need. Your appearance, behaviour, communication and digital presence effects the way you think, the way you feel, the way you behave and then the way others respond to you- it’s a complete Image cycle.

We can’t afford to create a negative impression between us and others because of inappropriate or offensive presence, be it appearance, behaviour or while sharing our expertise in digital platforms, when we communicate personally authentic and appropriate for the goals and roles of the occasion we create a positive impact which others perceive it as our positive traits and regard and respond to us more favorably.

To create our Signature Image, we must focus on our skills set. Ask ourselves the following questions?

What are the skills that I need to develop to project a right winning image?

How will I develop these skills?

Do I need help?

Who all can help me?

The biggest barrier for our success is self-doubt, “Do I have the profile to do something great?” and hence feel lack of confidence.  Business today operates at lightning speed and so it become even more important for us to have right presence be it in person or online. Tell your brand story, It's not just about establishing yourself as a leader and building a strong personal brand, it's about believing that you belong and have earned that! That’s what gives you the confidence

Here are few things which you must know to create a right brand identity-

  • Define what you stand for
  • Who do you want to serve and why?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What is your unique value proposition?
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition

Create a right brand statement. Let it be short, simple, clear and actionable. Post it on your LinkedIn profile and also other social media profile. 

What is your niche?

What do you want to be known for as a thought leader?

Who are the competitors that have a personal brand?

Who are your target market?

Believe In what you are doing: "You can't fake passion for long, so make sure you believe in what you are doing, whether that is the company you build or a brand identity of your own," Wright said. "You can pick up a lot of skills in a variety of roles, but the only way to ever achieve your personal greatness is to find the role that piques your passion."

Social media users can spot a fake online presence from a mile away, and if we are pretending to be interested in something when we are not, they'll figure it out. Being authentic and genuine is essential to a credible personal brand.

Consistency is the key and most important aspect to create a right personal brand identity.

People would always want to know:

  • What do you offer?
  • How will it make their life better?
  • What do client need to do, to buy from you?

Our Signature Image is beyond what we post on your social media, our personal brand is a combination of our real-life interest, purpose and interactions. It’s about how we build greater relationships, we behave and leave everlasting positive impressions.

Be your Authentic Self and have confidence in who you are… because you are Unique and it’s your Signature Image!!