According to Vas Narasimhan, worldwide Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Novartis, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant would assess India to build up its production capacity and technological breakthroughs in the future, if necessary.

Over the past five years, Novartis has made over $300 million in India. Novartis' drug portfolio in India includes both cutting-edge and well-established treatments for cardiovascular, ocular, metabolic, neurological, oncological, respiratory, and organ transplant conditions.

One of the few nations in the world where Novartis has a significant presence that spans early research, drug development, technical operations, business services, and commercial activities is India.

Although Narasimhan stated that India is gradually streamlining its intellectual property rights and clinical trial rules, he urged for regulated data protection in India. Novartis is now running more than 100 clinical trials in India with between 3000 and 4000 individuals. The clearance of clinical trials in India used to be exceedingly challenging, but the current policy allows for a much more streamlined method, which is actually speeding up clinical studies, according to Narasimhan.

The company, which has a location in Hyderabad, is embracing data science and technology. They are employing a global data science strategy. They continue to strive to create a kind of robust global talent network within data science, with the idea of being a pure-play innovative medicines company. They want to be a leader in data science, and R&D for the future, said Narasimhan, adding that Novartis is also investigating how to use generative Artificial intelligence (AI) in its Research & Development (R&D).