About 3500 people, or 50% of Twitter's workers, were let go by Elon Musk last week. According to a new source, Musk sacked thousands more workers over the weekend. Twitter has not yet made any information about the most recent wave of layoffs officially public.

Casey Newton of Platformer and CNBC both claim that Musk let go a sizable number of contract workers on Saturday. There have apparently been 4,400 to 5,500 workers affected by the second round of layoffs. According to the report, affected employees were fired without giving any prior notice.

According to reports, it was only after the affected employees lost access to the company's email and internal communications systems that they realised they had been sacked. The current round of layoffs, according to the source, affected both US-based and international staff who worked in the departments of content moderation, real estate, marketing, engineering, and other areas.

The investigation also claimed that neither Twitter nor Musk informed supervisors of these impacted workers. Only after they were unable to get in touch with the workers on their official email ID did the managers learn that their team members had been fired.

Additionally, it is claimed that contractors who were fired without cause received an email from the company explaining that employment cuts were necessary as part of a "reprioritization and savings exercise." The 14th of November will mark their final day of employment, according to the same email. Well, the Twitter corporate headquarters have been in a state of disarray recently. Specifically, ever since the billionaire seized control of the microblogging platform. Several prominent Twitter executives have also left the company after Musk abruptly fired 50% of his workforce last week, shocking the entire internet sector.