VIA 2.0 is a revolutionary AI driven Voice Analytics platform in India

Kolkata, October 06, 2021: Mihup Communication Pvt. Ltd, a fast evolving trusted and accurate vernacular voice interface platform, has launched the second generation of its highly acclaimed Virtual Interaction Analyst (VIA) platform in India. Trusted by a diversity of brands in different sectors including Fortune 500 companies, Mihup VIA has already handled over 100 million interactions in India.

Customer care centers face the biggest challenge in terms of auditing, compliance and automation of quality analysis of calls. Human analysts can review no more than 2%–3% of all interactions in large call centers which is inadequate to identify and undertake appropriate corrective and process enhancement measures. In such a scenario, a company could lose business instead of generating customer loyalty. This is where Mihup’s VIA 2.0 has come as a gamechanger.

Bhaskar Mishra, Head of Product, Mihup

Speech analytics improves the customer journey and the company’s bottom line. These enterprise-level analytics solutions improve the performance of contact centers and agents, as well as back-office operations. Cost Savings with efficiency gains, reduction in escalations and increase in revenue and NPS are just some of the many compelling benefits that make speech analytics a must have application for companies all over the world.

With Mihup VIA 2.0, companies get an advanced AI powered interaction analytics platform that can analyse 100% conversations across voice, chat or email channels thereby enabling better Audit and Compliance as well as automation of Quality Analysis. The advanced and multi-lingual platform can automatically evaluate interactions on various parameters including empathy, product information and accuracy of response provided by the agents.

Elaborating on VIA’s advantages for businesses in India, Mr. Bhaskar Mishra, Head of Product, Mihup said, “The value of Audit & Compliance on all customer interactions has grown manifold especially during COVID-19 and digitization of business processes. Customers are expecting greater support and responsiveness. The use of VIA can ensure up to 20% savings in expenditure on compliance. It is essential for customer service departments and contact centers to revamp their Quality Analytics processes by digitizing them through an advanced solution like VIA Gen 2.”

Adding further, he said, “VIA Gen 2 can help analyze and score each conversation, perform agent evaluation and scoring, providing actionable business insights. This ability to comprehend the actual VOC to generate insights can drive revenues up by more than 10% while saving costs incurred on escalations and repeat calls by upto 60%. The efficiency of Agents and QAs will increase by upto 3 times with the regular and complete adoption of VIA in an organisation.”

The next generation of VIA is backed by superior technology and new feature sets. This is packaged in the form of an easily navigable product with customizable parameter settings. The output is available in the form of analytical dashboards where graphs and numbers provide the true picture of customer interactions of that day along with trends and predictions.

About Mihup

Mihup Communications Pvt. Ltd. is a leading conversational AI platform founded in 2016 by Tapan Barman, Sandipan Chattopadhyay, and Biplab Chakraborty. The company uses AI to empower humans with the ability to seamlessly interact with the digital world around them. Mihup is fundamentally altering the conversational AI space and its platform can work on edge devices and in low-connectivity environments. Mihup’s mission is to make technology inclusive and accessible to all regardless of their language, accent or dialect. The company has secured seed funding and Series A funding from Accel Partners, Ideaspring Capital, leading investor Rajesh Jain’s firm Core91 VC and Jayant Kadambi (Founder and CEO YuMe Networks).

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