Communication as a platform is transitioning drastically and the need for 360-degree communication or integrated communication is becoming more relevant than ever before. The consumption of digital content across platforms has significantly increased and so has the number of the audience viewing these channels. An integrated communication strategy helps businesses/ brands to increase visibility, build salience, and achieve organisational objectives. It not only assists organisations in delivering a consistent message across digital and conventional channels, but it also fosters audience interaction, resulting in the development and maintenance of trust and the provision of a pleasant brand experience.

It is important for a brand to create an umbrella strategy which conveys a single brand messaging under myriad communication channels. This will also bring brand an opportunity to communicate and enhance relationship with its consumer. An integrated communication is all about creating a distinctive brand philosophy which is consumer centric.

Various Mode of Communication
Earlier, newspaper, TV, radio, direct mail, outdoor advertising like billboards – were the only means of brand communication and were considered important to convey brand messaging to a larger audience. For many years these tools were considered as the most favourable communication methodology.

But with advancements and shift towards digital consumption, the 360-degree communication ecosystem has been modified at large. The new-age millennials and Gen Z have shown a tremendous shift in consumer preferences and no longer engages on one platform rather their engagement is widely spread.

Brand engagement can be flared under earned, owned and paid media. Each element plays an integral part but holds a large contribution in ideating, developing and executing any communication strategy.

Elements Leveraging the Brand Building

1. Earned Media (Public Relations) – PR is one of the oldest and most important communication tools for businesses. Third party endorsement in the form of news article/ feature has a lasting impact in the hearts and minds of the end audience. Be it for a consumer brand or a B2B brand, a sound PR strategy is still one of the most coveted ways to achieve awareness, build though leadership and establish a brand in the market. It is clearly one of the most significant communication approaches which is cost-effective and enhances brand credibility.

2. Paid Media
• Digital Advertising – For brand promotion, advertising is another effective ways of communication delivering brand messaging to a wider audience within the shortest possible time frame. Alongside, Digital advertising is also upscaling and evolving the business landscape. Lead generation is one of the key aspects in digital advertising. The platform corresponds with various stages such as generating traffic, then converting visitors into leads, and eventually converting those leads into customers. It is challenging yet has a significant potential.

• Influencers collaborations – Brand endorsements are no longer restricted to film or sports celebrities, many renowned influencers are paving their way in endorsing the brand, product, or service. The engagement among the followers and its reach is observed higher which eventually drives brand trust and boost customer loyalty.

3. Owned Media (Social Media Marketing, Website) – Owned media channels have larger footprint in compared to other forms of media. Today, one of the most evolved and dynamic owned media platforms for brand communication is Social Media Marketing. It not only showcases huge outreach among potential customers and followers but adds longevity and versatility. Website is also one of the platforms which has triggered large number of traffic. The consumer purchasing behaviour is now more inclined towards online search and hence, brands are witnessing magnificent impact on the buying behaviour through these mediums. Brands are also moving towards emerging channels such as Event marketing, Mobile Marketing and Internet Marketing.

In these unprecedented times due to the pandemic where many brands and companies have been impacted and are looking at getting back on their feet, it is important that they invest in a sound marketing communication approach to re- build their brand image, increase their sales and achieve profitability.

About Author

Neha is a seasoned communications expert with over 15 years of experience. She is the creative force behind the overall operations of the company. A trusted advisor and she has handled communications for some of the most reputable national and international brands.

Having a strong aesthetic and creative edge, Neha has always been a step ahead of her peers since she started working at a very young age and has played a pivotal role in guiding brands to embrace newer and creative ways of communications and guiding them during crisis.

She has a strong inclination towards achieving operational excellence, media intelligence and designing strategic campaigns for brands to achieve their communications objectives.

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