According to a report from The Verge on Tuesday, Apple has bought Mira, a Los Angeles-based augmented reality (AR) startup known for producing headgear for numerous businesses and even the US military. The purchase is made just one day after Apple unveiled its ambitious augmented reality (AR) headset, the Vision Pro. This marks the tech giant's big entry into the market and puts it up against Meta Platforms, the industry leader.

Apple's entry into the AR headset industry is a risky move, similar to their game-changing iPhone launch more than ten years ago. The business is entering a congested sector where rival gadgets have had difficulty winning over a sizable client base.

Apple wants to develop a competitive position and perhaps challenge Meta, which controls Facebook, by directly competing with Meta. Conflicts between the two businesses have already occurred on a number of different fronts, such as those involving user privacy and platform control.

Apple has probably taken notice of Mira due to its experience with augmented reality technology and its partnerships with the US military. According to a story from The Verge, Mira has obtained contracts with the military, including a big $702,351 deal with the Navy and a minor contract with the US Air Force. These collaborations demonstrate Mira's potential to provide cutting-edge AR solutions for challenging applications.

Apple reiterated its practice of occasionally purchasing smaller technology startups when it announced the acquisition of Mira. The business, however, has been silent regarding its precise plans or the rationale for the acquisition.

At least 11 Mira employees have reportedly joined Apple as part of the agreement, bringing their skills and talent to bear on Apple's augmented reality initiatives. This action indicates that Apple values Mira's staff and the potential for synergy that can be realised by incorporating its expertise into its own development initiatives.

Apple is making it very obvious that it is committed to augmented reality technology and that it intends to be a big participant in the market with the purchase of Mira and the introduction of the Vision Pro headset. Future breakthroughs in AR experiences and apps could be made possible by the company's ability to take advantage of its sizable ecosystem and Mira's ability to innovate.