Hamdi Tabbaa, Founder and CEO

Over the last few years, technology has been having a positive impact on multiple industries, thus taking them to newer heights. Yet, the quality of education has been a major challenge in the MENA region, leading to high dependency on private tutoring and household expenditure on education that constitutes around 30% of a family’s income. It is here that Abwaab stands tall as a saviour to many families, as an online learning platform (web & app) that offers innovative education solutions to students. These      solutions enable students to learn their national curriculum at their own pace, solve quizzes, practice, compete with one another, and interact with teachers in live sessions, all while Abwaab works towards AI enabled adaptive learning.

High-Class Learning Experiences

Hamdi Tabbaa, Founder & CEO, Abwaab, asserts, “Our vision is to unleash the human potential of every student in the region through an affordable, accessible, effective, and enriching educational experience”. The company provides students with a solution that is fully aligned with their curriculum. It also bestows every student in the region with the opportunity to have an exceptional, high-class educational experience. Most importantly, Abwaab ensures to resolve all the pain points of students through its one-stop shop that gives students everything they need to thrive.

The video lessons across this online platform were produced in a way to explain concepts in the best possible way to students. Assessments provide students with instant feedback on their performance and model answers. Abwaab also came-up with gamified assessments through ‘Abwaab League’, which creates a global community of learners who compete based on the ranks in the leader board. Beyond that, students attend live sessions, and also engage with a community of peers and teachers to ask and solve questions they need help with.

Further, in alignment with its mission to make high-quality education accessible and affordable to all, Abwaab launched EQUAL, the Equal Access to Learning Initiative, to partner with NGOs and reach vulnerable children with Abwaab’s product. The program has been truly life-changing for students wherein their academic performance improved by 35%, and their sense of hope and well-being towards their future was rejuvenated, thereby motivating them to persevere and aim for higher education. “1st prize at GSV elite cup globally”, “Extreme Tech Edtech winner”, “EdtechX Global Finalist”, and many other awards further add fame to its excellence in the educational industry.

Plans in the Pipeline

In the future, Abwaab envisions delivering the best learning experiences to students and learners across the region and beyond. Hamdi articulates, “We want to look back in a decade or two and say that we have been able to change the lives of an entire generation”. In the short term, the company’s aim is to establish a strong presence across its five markets, whereas in the long term, the plan is to build a platform that harnesses the power of technology to build adaptive and curated experiences to match a student’s own learning ability across the entire region.

"Our vision is to unleash the human potential of every student in the region through an affordable, accessible, effective, and enriching educational experience