A 10% stake in CSC Grameen eStore will give the Adani group a position on the venture committee. - Aboli AA Deodhar | 28 sept 2021

New Delhi: The Adani Group, within its fiscal assistance handle, Adani Finserve, has funded an undisclosed price in obtaining a 10% investment stake in the government's rural e-commerce enterprise CSC Grameen eStore, topmost executives of both associations have said ET.

CSC Grameen eStore is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSC e-Governance Services, a joint enterprise between the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and the business.

A 10% stake in CSC Grameen eStore will provide the Adani group with the venture's committee. "This is a short but strategic financing for us and gives our consignment to the rural business model," Gaurav Gupta, MD & CEO of Adani Capital, stated.

He additionally continued that "The group will collectively work with the government to intensify merchandise contributions and also give credit through its NBFC branch Adani Capital to help micro-entrepreneurs in rural India."

The Grameen e-Store, begun in April last year, contributes various products, including regional craftsmanship, markets, and consumer durables in far-flung spaces. It has attained an income of Rs 250 crore within a year of launch.

The investment begins soon after comparable expenses from HDFC Bank, which holds a 1.5% stake, and Tata Digital, which scored a 5% holding in CSC Grameen eStore.

Dinesh Tyagi, managing director of CSC e-Governance Services, told ET that it would use the reserves from Adani Group to encourage technology, dissemination channels, and product collection. "To date, those eStores have delivered 40 lakh bookings deserving Rs 400 crore," according to Tyagi, who told around two lakh village-level businesspeople (VLEs ), who own and operate the CSC's also employ the Grameen eStores. CSC Grameen eStore has measured revenues of Rs 410 crore since its beginning, according to CSC data.