The Amazon Astro is a 17-inch tall home robot that utilizes cameras, sensors, and artificial technology. Astro also comes with a 10-inch touch screen as a display.

A month after Tesla exposed its humanized robot called the Tesla Bot, Amazon revealed its home robot. Amazon's version described Astro, which can hear, see and follow instructions to assist with home chores. On Tuesday, Amazon introduced the robot and declared that it would be marketed for $999. The company introduced the robot at its annual event.

Fascinatingly, the family dog in the show is also named Astro. Amazon Astro can be correlated to the animated home robot from the cartoon 'The Jetsons.' Unlike Rosie, the animated series character, Astro doesn't cook or clean but can help with other chores. The home robot, much like Amazon's Alexa, is anticipated to aid customers with a more laid-back lifestyle.

Amazon reveals a roaming robot similar to The Jetsons'sRosie-

Amazon's Astro features a 17-inch tall home bot that uses cameras, sensors, and artificial technology to perform most things a robot can and a few things a human can. Sized like a small dog, Astro appears with three wheels to move. The bot's camera rises to 42-inch height so that one can use it as security while away from home.

Astro can play music or display TV shows on its 10-inch touchscreen and even identify faces. Astro has a storage slot that can carry things across rooms. The bot uses AI technology and can answer questions and commands like the Amazon Echo device. It can also be practiced remotely from a mobile application. The Amazon roaming robot was revealed by Amazon executive David Limp who pronounced upon the bot during the virtual event. Astro came on its own to the stage and beatboxed for the audience, as Limp commanded. According to Amazon, the $999 robot will be out for delivery by the end of this year. The company also confirmed that the bot would be limited in number but didn't clear how many. Apart from Astro, the show also presented a picture frame-like screen hung to a wall and has a built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant. The company stated that the device could be used as a cooking help to read recipes and play music.