200 female entrepreneurs will be able to debut their products on Amazon's international marketplaces and websites thanks to a partnership between Amazon India and the global incubator Womennovator. Among the firms that the tech behemoths will aid in going international are Kidsy Winsy, Vishaala Naturals, Gems & Diamonds, and Bunko Jungo.

Amazon will onboard firms operating in a variety of industries over the next two years, including fashion, beauty, jewellery, spices, sanitation, and others, on its online exports platform, Amazon Global Selling.

In order to build up, these brands will also receive training, knowledge, and direction about the listing and pricing of products, among other things.

Commenting on this development, Bhupen Wakankar, Director, Global Trade at Amazon India said, “E-commerce is rapidly opening up the export opportunity to lakhs of Indian entrepreneurs by taking scale of business out of the equation. Our focus at Amazon India is to continue to make exports easier and more accessible for businesses of all sizes as we work towards our commitment of enabling $20 billion in cumulative e-commerce exports from India by 2025.”

The Jeff Bezos-founded company has a programme called Amazon Global Selling that aims to make it easier for Indian Micro, Small, and Medium Companies to enter the market (MSMEs).

MSMEs play a significant role in the Indian economy. According to information provided by the Micro, Small, and Medium Businesses Ministry, this sector employs more people than any other after agriculture and contributes around 30% of India's GDP and 45% of its exports. There are already more than one lakh exporters in India who market their goods in 200 nations and territories throughout the world. Additionally, the program's total cumulative sales to date have reached $5 billion.