Rapid urbanization and infrastructural development have been increasing the demand for low-cost yet quality housing. The changing preferences have resulted in surging growth of the Paints and Coating Industry; with the potential to grow at a CAGR of around 5% in value terms and reach USD 235.06 billion by 2029 (according to a recent report by Fortune Business Insights™). The major push factor driving the segment's growth is the investment in the latest technologies to provide quality paints and coatings for end-users and customers. Coupled with the rising purchasing power of the end-users, top-notch products combined with efficient service in terms of timely delivery and fast turnaround have emerged as the major expectation. This is where Gujarat-based Arcoy excels in catering to modern demands with its immense commitment to advocating a corrosion-free world.

For over 6 decades now, the company has been outshining in the corrosion prevention segment; thriving with its technological experience and sensitivity towards customer needs. In the massive path of growth, Arcoy forayed into that paints segment 20 years ago. Delivering customer demands with a combination of highly modern R&D, Arcoy has not only indigenously innovated, researched, and created a wide range of world-class anti-corrosion linings but has also developed a unique ability to approach every project from a 360-degree perspective. “The foundational stones of Arcoy were carefully designed around the vision of offering best product masking with world-class products and a wide range of corrosion-free options,” Aditya Choksi, CEO at Arcoy.

Uncompromised Quality

The ISO9000-certified brand stands as a promise for quality by imbibing stringent standards throughout the process. The company has an in-house lab with the latest equipment to perform varied tests on the products before letting them into the market. All the scrutiny is to ensure that clients get a corrosion-free performance for a long duration; while withstanding severe environments including exposure to marine and acidic materials. “Equipped with the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, hi-tech quality control labs, and unparalleled domain expertise, Arcoy has created coatings & paints that possess unbeatable resistance power against corrosive environments. This is why most engineers prefer us as their first choice,” the company claims.

Owing to its commitment to quality in products and services, Arcoy has already been able to establish itself as a market leader in the Anti-corrosive line. “While being a fairly burgeoning player in the paints segment, our competency and focus still remain on corrosion prevention. That being said, our paints are primarily for corrosion prevention instead of the decorative market,” Aditya remarks.

Carefully Crafted for Consumers

Arcoy’s expertise is deep-rooted in offering complete customizable coating solutions for several industrial segments starting from Copper Plants to Dyes & Intermediates, Pharmaceuticals, Thermal Power Plants, and Integrated Steel Plants. The company’s product portfolio includes Acid Resistant Materials, Industrial Anti-corrosive Paints, Industrial Flooring, Acid Resistant / Carbon Bricks, Rubber Lining, and Shade Card for Paints. “One of the flagships that has boosted our reach is the Rust Converter Primer built on high-end technology acquired from Netherland. The product is very well accepted in the iron and steel industry.”

Having proven its dedication to efficiency and customer expectations in an end-to-end manner, Arcoy stands out from the crowd. The company ensures to source high-quality raw materials with standard guidelines. With safety and integrity at its core, Arcoy is not just a reliable solution provider but also a responsible employer. The organization’s safety management system is designed to prevent accidents in the workplace and prevent potential hazards.

As one of the few companies in the industry that takes up Supply and Apply contracts as a whole; it has been offering multifood cost advantage to the clients. “We have been able to deliver our products at competitive and cost-effective prices because we act as a single vendor,” he asserts.

Embracing Sustainable Practices

When it comes to the environmental impact, increased awareness can be seen among manufacturers to reduce the emission and pollutants churned out of the manufacturing process. New technologies are emerging which are offering high reactivity, very rapid curing, long shelf life, and low-temperature processing. Adapting to these technologies along with eco-friendly and sustainable practices, Arcoy boasts of its fidelity to thinking and acting sustainably. 

“We use natural resources responsibly! All of our bussiness processes are committed to environmental protection. Corrosion itself is dangerous and destructive to the environment. One of the major reasons for our focus on this line is to make a positive contribution to the global environment and create sustainable value,” Aditya informs.

"While being a globally active player in several Asian, African, and Middle Eastern countries, Arcoy plans to double its manufacturing facility and enhance its capacity for further expansion."