Distributor management has emerged as one of the most critical solutions in modern supply chain management. From supplying products to your distributors to collecting payments, a distributor management system offers all this and more, catering to the operational difficulties and technology advancements of modern times. An efficient distributor management system not only allows you to leverage your supply chain resources more effectively but also provides you with a range of advanced benefits.

But before we get to the benefits, let us see what a distributor management system is.

What is a distributor management system (DMS)?

A Distributor Management System or a DMS is a versatile, clever, and easy technology that enables you to control promotions, boost efficiency, optimize inventory and sales operations, and manage distributor claims. By establishing a streamlined control over the supply chain management through a DMS, you can obtain accurate, trustworthy data on secondary sales, and utilize the data-rich insights to scale your sales and distribution efforts as per your business imperatives.

What are the benefits of using an efficient distributor management system?

With billions of possible transactions throughout the vast & increasingly complicated emerging markets, manufacturers need a powerful solution that allows them to manage & optimize the equally vast network of large and small distributors.  An efficient DMS offers the manufacturers with all the necessary tools and a wide range of benefits, such as:

  1. A comprehensive platform

One of the first and foremost benefits of using an efficient distributor management system is that it provides you a comprehensive platform and a smart system. A strong & new age DMS, therefore, will equip you with a range of tools that bridges the gap between management, inventory, payment, reporting, sales, pricing, etc. and brings them together under a single hood. Hence, by implementing an efficient DMS, you get a comprehensive platform that binds together all the parties involved and establishes clear communication across peoples & processes.

2. Utilize resources to the fullest

A good distribution management system allows you to make the best use of your resources. By implementing a robust DMS, you can establish effective control over different tools and ensure seamless order management, delivery, returns, payment collection and more. With optimum resource utilization, you can meet your sales targets more effectively and facilitate rapid growth without compromising time and accuracy.

3. Manage inventory with accuracy & ease

Inventory management can become quite a nuisance if you don't have a good system in place. But with a modern distributor management system, you get this critical capability and more! Integrating this technology with your supply chain will enable you to access your inventory at all times, and make sure that it never remains out-of-stock. The best part is that a powerful framework of DMS will fit your business perfectly even if it has a huge number of items, retailers, and distributors covering a vast market.

4. Automate order management

Automation of supply chain processes can significantly reduce human intervention and the possibility of errors. As such, automated order management provides unprecedented advantages to organizations, regardless of their size. A strong distributor management system can provide order management automation with higher efficiency, allowing you to reap the benefit of accurate order management with minimum efforts.

5. Manage product deliveries and returns

Ensures a continuous coordination and seamless communication between your sales team, distributors, retailers, and warehouses all these without making a mess. A robust & next-generation DMS like Eazy DMS is designed in such a way that scheduled executions of your extensive product deliveries & requests become possible more efficiently.

6. Use in offline mode

Operating an entirely online distributor management system can get tricky. While an online module will provide you with optimum accessibility anytime-anywhere, lack of internet connection in remote areas or sudden power outrage can risk data loss. That is what, the perfect DMS needs to have the capability to operate with full functionality both online & offline.

7. Align Promotions and Schemes

Schemes are an integral part of promotional activity. Hence it is duely important to have insights on whether it has been passed to the Channel Sales or not. A perfect DMS not only ensures alignment of these but also gives visibility to your distributors and fastens their claims

8. Manage distributor claims efficiently

Dealing with a variety of claims must be very common for your business. But that doesn't make it any easier? But with a complete distribution management system, you can meet all of these requirements more effortlessly. Consequently, you can not only manage claims easily but also enhance your relationships with your distributors.

9. Get complete visibility from booking to order fulfilment

From booking to order fulfilment, it is necessary that you always keep an eye on what is happening throughout your supply chain. Having complete visibility over the process is hence extremely critical, especially for larger enterprises that get huge amounts of orders from distributors and need to reach them on time. This is a gap that only an efficient distributor management system can fill. An advanced DMS will equip you with the right tools and enable you to establish end-to-end visibility from booking to order fulfilment.

10. Get enhanced reports & analytics

You need a user-friendly dashboard to gain maximum visibility & control across your supply chain processes & performance. A good distributor management system like Eazy DMS comes with just that and empowers you & your teams to view & access detailed data-rich insights from sales, warehouses, distributors, and retailers from a single cohesive & interactive dashboard. Not only that, the enhanced reporting & analytics capabilities of a new-generation DMS like Eazy’s will help you to evaluate the performance of your distribution chain better, facilitating easy forecasting of growth, setting targets, and meeting them.

11. Help your distributors to achieve more

An advanced distributor management is not only for the manufacturing enterprise but also for the distributors. By incorporating an efficient DMS like Eazy, you empower your distributors to establish better communication with your organization, streamlining supply chain operations and data from their end as well. Not only that, your distributors can get numerous benefits from Eazy DMS. They can organize and place their orders more easily, demand claims without any problems, access information about orders in offline mode, connect with relevant retailers faster, and so on.

Parting Thoughts

To ensure fast movement of goods in this increasingly demanding & growing market, implementing a powerful distributor management system has become essential. What’s more, the benefits of using an efficient DMS outweigh the cost of its implementation and create a win-win situation for the manufacturer as well as the distributors & retailers.

If you are looking for a comprehensive & innovative distributor management solution like this, then Eazy DMS is the best choice. Designed to meet the demands of the future, our next-generation capabilities provide your business with all the benefits discussed above and equip you to achieve more!