In an interesting development, Big Bloc announced plans to set up a 500,000 cubic metres capacity plant to manufacture AAC blocks in the Palghar district of Maharashtra. This will be India’s largest plant in terms of capacity.

The plant is expected to cost Rs 75 crores which will be financed by a mix of debt and equity.

The plant will be eligible for carbon credits.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Big Bloc Construction Ltd will be set up for this purpose. At a board meeting held today, Mr Naresh Saboo, Mr Mohit Saboo, Mr Narayan Saboo and Mr Manish Saboo were authorised to make decisions in connection with the proposed incorporation.

Speaking about the development, the Chairman of Big Bloc Construction Ltd, Mr Narayan Saboo said, “ We are delighted to announce the building of the new AAC block plant in Palghar. Given the growing demand for AAC blocks in the construction industry and several new projects coming up, this plant will help us cater to the demand of our customers in Maharashtra and Gujarat.” Big Bloc Construction Limited is the pioneer in AAC blocks in the country and is focused on making a positive contribution to the planet by manufacturing environmentally friendly building materials.