Even seven years after their initial release, AirPods are still among Apple's best-selling goods. Now, the business might be getting ready to improve the market even more by bringing some significant improvements to its well-liked wireless earbuds.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claims that Apple is developing a number of ground-breaking capabilities for AirPods. Advanced hearing health features have been integrated, allowing AirPods to evaluate a user's hearing capacities through a specialised hearing test. This is a big addition. The earbuds will be able to offer insights about a person's hearing wellness by playing various tones and sounds, much like how the Apple Watch's ECG app checks for heart issues.

Apple is looking on ways to offer AirPods as an alternative to conventional hearing aids in addition to hearing health. Apple is actively working on integrating hearing-aid-like functions into its wireless earphones in order to compete in the $10 billion hearing aid business.

Notably, the company's goals in this direction have already been demonstrated via Conversation Boost and Live Listen. Although regulatory approval is still pending, recent FDA regulations that permit the over-the-counter selling of hearing aids without a prescription have given Apple additional opportunities to appeal to a wider audience with its cutting-edge methodology.

With AirPods, Apple is also stepping into the world of health monitoring. The business is looking into adding sensors to the earphones so that they can assess body temperature through the wearer's ear. This approach is deemed more accurate than wrist-based temperature monitoring, which is currently employed in Apple Watch models during sleep.

According to the rumour, Apple would be able to use this data from body temperature monitoring to not only track fertility but also to identify early symptoms of illnesses like colds and other disorders. This functionality, according to the report, is still in the engineering stage. Apple may possibly be considering releasing more reasonably priced varieties of AirPods in order to increase their accessibility.  Apple aims to reinforce its position as the go-to option for wireless earbuds by lowering the cost of its entry-level AirPods. The precise release date for these new AirPods functionalities is still unknown.