Noida, 28 July - Burger House, a pioneering homegrown QSR brand, is set to redefine the entrepreneurial landscape with its revolutionary initiative. In a bold move to empower aspiring individuals and drive success, Burger House proudly announces its commitment to pay the rent for two whole years for all its franchises. This unprecedented offer, coupled with an economical franchise model that prioritizes the ambitions of entrepreneurs, is poised to revolutionize the QSR industry.

With an impressive presence across 9 outlets in PAN India, including key locations in Bharatpur, Chittorgarh, Rampur, Noida, and Patna, Burger House has already solidified its position in tier 3 & 4 cities. However, their journey of growth and empowerment is far from over. With a new outlet on the horizon at Dimapur, Nagaland, Burger House is set to extend its reach to Indore, Mhow, Saharsa, Etawha, Orai, and Siliguri, encompassing major tier 3 & 4 cities in India.

The brand's strategic expansion into regions previously untapped by big international QSR chains is a testament to Burger House's bold and ambitious approach. Burger House is committed to making a positive impact on local economies and bringing exceptional food and customer service to every corner of India.

At the heart of Burger House's success lies its unique franchise model, a gateway to entrepreneurship designed to empower individuals from all walks of life. The offer to pay the rent for two full years provides a crucial stepping stone for aspiring entrepreneurs to establish their own Burger House outlet without the financial burden of rent. This unparalleled opportunity fosters a culture of inclusivity, enabling individuals with a passion for outstanding food and exceptional customer service to realize their culinary dreams. Burger House, the visionary QSR brand, is redefining the franchise setup process with an unparalleled commitment to empowering entrepreneurs.

Simplifying the process, entrepreneurs can apply effortlessly via With a dedicated in-house team, Burger House guides them through location selection, commercials, and audits. To ensure success, Burger House procures raw materials and delivers a fully functional store. The QSR brand is committed to empowering aspiring individuals, providing the perfect platform to budding entrepreneurs.

Omm Dev Sharma, the Director of Burger House, expressed his excitement about welcoming aspiring entrepreneurs into the Burger House family. "Our franchise model is more than just a business opportunity; it's a platform for individuals to take charge of their destiny. We understand the significance of rent as a major factor affecting revenue, and by eliminating this obstacle, we're giving local entrepreneurs the headstart they deserve."

Furthermore, Burger House's commitment to diversity and inclusivity is a driving force behind its thriving franchise network. Emphasizing that prior experience in the food industry is not a prerequisite, Burger House is actively creating equal opportunities for success, enriching communities across India.

With a goal to open 100 outlets in just one year and a vision to go international within the next five years, Burger House's journey toward global recognition is well underway. The brand's dedication to supporting and guiding its franchisees, combined with its unwavering commitment to excellence, sets a new standard for the QSR industry.

About Burger House:

Burger House is a renowned fast-food chain that has been delighting burger enthusiasts since its inception in 2020. With a diverse menu, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, Burger House prides itself on using fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers. The brand's commitment to quality, taste, and exceptional customer service has earned it a loyal fan base across India. 

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