Austria-based logistics service provider gains an increase by over 16% to cross Rs 530 crore

Cargo partner has announced plans to expand to 10 more Indian cities in the next few years. With this expansion, cargo partner will be a global logistics service provider in more than 24 cities and all-important states of India. Cargo Partner aims to establish a presence across India by the end of 2025 and lead India's domestic logistics market. Their goal is the driving force behind the steady expansion.

Rajiv Singh, Managing Director (India), cargo partner said, “cargo-partner will be creating over numerous job opportunities and onboard 500 employees in these cities, during FY2022-25. They will be serving B2B enterprises operating in the Automotive & Spare Parts, Fashion & Lifestyle, Foodstuffs & Perishables, and Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare. The increase in demand from tier 2&3 cities has also led to this expansion in services by cargo-partner.”

As the e-commerce market with rapid growth, the company plans to expand its warehouse to meet the demands of domestic consumers. The company is also aiming for growth in the pharmaceutical sector, India is one of the largest manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, and we believe there are ample opportunities for large companies to innovate in this area.

"Currently, we are aiming to grow from Rs 5.3 billion to Rs 1.5 billion over the next three years and are ready to invest all the capital needed to carry these people," Singh said.

Headquartered in Austria, cargo partner has a global network with more than 140 branches in more than 40 countries. Cargo partner has its network in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania, the Indian subcontinent, and North America. They operate in 14 Indian offices located in all major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad. They have an integrated holistic approach to expansion goals. The cargo-partner is optimistic about impacting the entire supply chain.