According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is introducing the "View Once" function for images and videos across all desktop apps. A user can send a once-viewable image or video to someone on WhatsApp by using this privacy feature. This kind of message cannot be downloaded by the recipient, nor can it be screenshotted. Furthermore, no one may receive anything submitted in "View Once" format.

Users can exchange transient or sensitive content on the app thanks to this functionality. "The media will expire if you do not open a photo or video within 14 days of receiving it," states WhatsApp.

Notably, for privacy concerns, this capability was taken out of the desktop and web versions of WhatsApp last year.

This feature is accessible on macOS and connected devices running the WhatsApp beta for iPad in addition to Windows. You are currently recommended to use your smartphone to view media files that someone sends you in view once format.

According to the source, the most recent software update has begun to push out this feature to all users. You should see it in the upcoming weeks if you haven't already.

Here are some short instructions for sharing a picture or video in "view once" format.

Download WhatsApp and click to the recipient's chat when you wish to transfer the media file. To upload a picture or video, tap the camera icon or plus sign at the bottom.

Select a particular file from the gallery, or select an image or video.

Edit it now, and if you'd like, add a caption. Now, press the icon that is enclosed in a dotted circle and has the number "1" written on it. Simply click "Send" now, and you're ready to go.