Officials from the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) reportedly visited the production facility on Wednesday night and collected samples of the Dok 1-Max cough syrup from the plant, a day after the Uzbekistan government claimed that 18 children died in the nation after ingesting medications produced by Noida-based Marion Biotech. The samples have been sent for contamination testing, and an investigation has been opened.

According to PTI, Marion Biotech on Thursday expressed regret for the deaths that were allegedly brought on by its cough medication and said that production had been stopped.

Governments in both nations are looking into the situation, according to Hasan Harris, the lawyer for Marion Biotech.

According to a statement from the Uzbek health ministry, the Dok-1 Max Syrup made by Noida-based Marion Biotech was what the youngsters who died had taken. It is thought that consuming Doc-1 Max syrup contributed to the deaths of 18 infants who had acute respiratory illnesses.

In response, Harris, who is Marion Biotech's representative, stated: that there is no issue on their end or with the testing. They 've been there for ten years now. After the government report is released, they will investigate. The manufacture has ceased for the time being.

Dok-1 Max test samples, according to Uzbekistan, contained ethylene glycol. In the nation, Dok-1 Max syrup and tablets are used as cold remedies. Ethylene Glycol, a hazardous component of industrial-grade glycerine that cannot be used for therapeutic purposes, is present in the syrup. Among other things, the chemical has an impact on the circulatory system and induces vomiting. Renal failure and convulsions can result from consuming ethylene glycol.

In addition, the syrup contains paracetamol, according to the ministry, which added that parents had mistakenly used it as a cold cure on the advice of neighbourhood pharmacies.

With a facility in Noida, Marion Biotech serves both the domestic and international markets. The business touts itself as an innovative "Health Care Company" that is dedicated to providing the greatest pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, herbals, and cosmetic items through a steadfastly high level of R&D. The company is a flagship company of the Emenox Group, according to its overview on LinkedIn, and is now led by directors Sachin Jain and Jaya Jain.

The organisation was incorporated on May 21, 1999, but has since prohibited access to its main website. According to the Registrar of Companies, the business has a paid-up capital of Rs 2.27 crore and an authorised capital of Rs 2.50 crore. According to the company's LinkedIn profile, Marion Biotech has a production facility in Noida from which it exports goods to the CIS (Russia and the former Soviet Republics), South East Asia, Africa, and Latin America in addition to producing goods for the Indian market.