• CredAvenue attains the international standard for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • First among its peers in the industry to achieve this certification
  • This certification is another stepping-stone after CredAvenue’s ISO 27001 accreditation in February 2022

Chennai, 18 May 2022: CredAvenue, India’s most comprehensive debt market platform, today announced that it has received ISO 22301:2019 certification from BSI, benchmarking its Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) with international standards toward delivering more resilient business operations while also enhancing the overall level of service assurance for clients.

Araveinth Gopinath, CISO, CredAvenue

The ISO 22301 certification reduces the likelihood of disruptive incidents and ensures preparedness to respond and recover from such an incident, which could be man-made or of natural origin. It also covers both physical and digital threats by employing well-defined guidelines that necessitate secure data backups, minimise losses and maximise the recovery time of critical functions.

With full-fledged recovery systems in place, in line with ISO 22301, CredAvenue is now fully prepared to detect and prevent physical and digital threats. This enables CredAvenue to proactively minimise impact during business interruptions and demonstrate resilience to customers and stakeholders, especially during crisis conditions, in turn enabling a competitive advantage among similar businesses.

This certification will act as a key mechanism to further increase CredAvenue’s credibility and reliability within its stakeholder network. CredAvenue aims to extend this certification to its group companies this year.

Araveinth Gopinath, Chief Information Security Officer, CredAvenue, said, “This certification demonstrates CredAvenue’s commitment towards protecting its clients and their businesses as they directly depend on the availability of credit offerings. It is paramount for CredAvenue to be available during uncertain times as clients’ and customers’ businesses are dependent on ours. We conducted an extensive exercise with our key departments along with a business impact analysis considering the entire threat landscape and put strategies in place for the respective departments. With this certification in place, we are not just protecting our clientele and stakeholders but also ensuring our ‘People Safety First’ policy is followed. While this will give a great boost to our business across our product verticals, it will also add a layer of security and comfort for our clients, which is CredAvenue’s topmost priority.”

On February 3rd, 2022, CredAvenue also received the ISO 27001 certification, which is the highest international information security certification. CredAvenue is one of the very few start-ups in India to get this certification, in one of the lowest turnaround times.

About CredAvenue:

CredAvenue is India’s leading enterprise debt marketplace that connects enterprises with lenders and investors. It is a global pioneer that aims to revolutionise and deepen debt markets and is the only one of its kind in the world to provide a comprehensive debt product suite to all its borrowers. The organisation has a portfolio of 5 platforms catering to every requirement of both borrowers and investors -

1. CredLoan (Loan Platform) - Term Lending and working capital solutions for enterprises

2. CredCoLend (Origination platform) - For banks and NBFCs for co-lending partnerships 

3. Plutus (Bond Platform) - Bond Issuance and Investment for institutional and retail participants

4. CredSCF (Supply Chain Platform) - Trade Financing solutions

5. CredPool (Pool Platform) - End to end securitisation and portfolio buyouts

In addition, the company also offers portfolio management and monitoring services as a SaaS offering to its borrowers and lenders. CredAvenue currently has over 2300+ Corporates, and 750+ Lenders and has facilitated debt volumes of over INR 90,000 Crores. CredAvenue is an organisation on a mission to deepen and power the 120 trillion global enterprise debt market to unlock a GDP multiplier and create massive economic value.

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