The campaign videos highlight the disadvantages of impure diesel which is cheaper than good certified diesel and why we should always go for good quality diesel from certified pumps only.

New Delhi: Eicher Trucks And Buses has called for better sensitization of truck and bus drivers towards the fuel used in the vehicle. In a bid to raise awareness towards adulterated fuel and perceiving drivers as an important stakeholder, Eicher has come up with a digital campaign underlining the benefits of using unadulterated diesel.

The brand has released a series of three animated videos targeting the truck driver community. The campaign shows truckers, who often travel long distances and sometimes use adulterated diesel which is available at a cheaper cost to save money. Eicher Trucks And Buses aims to inform drivers that adulterated fuel damages the engine and significantly impacts the uptime of BSVI vehicles in the long run. The use of contaminated diesel also leads to unwanted repairs adding to the maintenance cost as well. The campaign has been executed and conceptualized by Grapes Digital.

The videos are created in the public interest to bring a positive change in behaviour that is detrimental to the industry and drivers.

Speaking on the campaign, Shradha Agarwal, COO and Strategy Head, Grapes Digital, said, “The motive behind this campaign is to change the mindset of truck drivers who opt for mixed diesel that can have dire consequences on the engine and environment as well. It is necessary to make sure that the oil used is pure and in good condition. In case there is debris in the diesel, it will directly impact the performance of the vehicle. We want to initiate a positive dialogue among the truck drivers through the campaign.

All three videos are released in the Hindi language with two primary characters, a truck driver and a shop owner. The main theme of the videos revolve around truck drivers who are happy after buying cheap fuel for their trucks, but the shop owners guide them that how adulterated fuel can damage the life of their truck engines impacting the performance of their vehicles. At the end of the video, it shares a message, ‘kyunki jab diesel hoga pure tabhi engine ka performance hoga sure.’

Hence, a vehicle should be filled with pure diesel at a certified petrol pump which prevents it from DOC failure, DPF breakage and other factors like:- damaging the fuel pump & fuel injection system, Internal rusting of fuel supply components, etc.

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