Making an order and paying for it has been a well-known experience associated with many online delivery platforms until the COVID-19 pandemic where several platforms have emerged to provide a contactless solution within the local diners and cafes. Yet, these solutions have always felt temporary and designed to only meet the objective of disconnecting restaurants and their guests.

Faisal Almerri, Co-Founder & CEO and Fawaz Almerri, Co-Founder & CTO

Enabill, the Kuwaiti-based startup, came into play with its single-tap solution. The FinTech platform has delivered its solution with focus on improving the order and pay experience between restaurants and their guests. Its single-tap devices allow guests to order and pay at their comfort while reducing operational costs and payment processing time, thus delivering a unique customer experience. Faisal Almerri, Co-Founder & CEO, Enabill, adds, “Our vision is to create a certain lifestyle within the dine-in experience, whether it is to order or just pay the bill. We aim to tackle the outstanding lack of connectivity and allow restaurants to focus on their customer engagement and hospitality”.

Truly Customer-Centric!

Enabill is a customer-centric platform that offers many of the missing digital conveniences within the offline dine-in setting. The company implemented itself in a way that supports any restaurant’s operations while increasing the potential when it comes to their quality of services and hospitality. Today, Enabill offers order and payment solutions, or pay at the table, which are customized depending on the type of the service such as a cafe, QSR, or a dine-in.

Information Technology is at the core of Enabill’s solutions/ services. Fawaz Almerri, Co-Founder & CTO, Enabill, adds “The company is always seeking to develop and integrate solutions that can maximize the potential of the current technologies to enhance its user experiences”. Despite being a startup company, all its team members are highly motivated to grow and reach newer heights. They strongly believe in the company’s vision and their capabilities to deliver unique solutions to the world. Faisal articulates, “With regards to benefits, we have a wide variety of benefits and incentives for all our employees that are company-wide and dependent on our growth and operational milestones”.

Redefining Customer Experiences

One of Enabill’s biggest success stories was when it hit a userbase of 100,000 users within a few months from launch. It was a great moment for the team, which gave them a boost of confidence to take their solutions to newer heights. One other story was having the opportunity to build a strategic partnership with Boubyan Bank, wherein the company ended up as one of the top ten choices for the Boubyan Bank Accelerator Program.

From sole focus on ordering and payment experiences, Enabill has thus evolved a great deal towards enhancing the customer engagement, loyalty programs, and many other useful features that ease and improve the customer experiences. Faisal asserts, “Our short-term goal is to continually promote the culture of convenience in ordering and payment solutions between restaurants and guests. For the long term, we are aiming towards having a larger presence within the GCC and MENA region”.

"Enabill is a single-tap device that allows guests to order and pay at their comfort while reducing operating costs and payment processing time, thus delivering a unique customer experience