Erisha Space Pvt. Ltd., a pioneering provider of comprehensive solutions and services in the field of remote sensing, GIS, and photogrammetry, is proud to announce its latest endeavor in revolutionizing environmental analysis and sustainable development. Led by Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Darshan Rana and Director Mr. Debadatta Mishra, Erisha Space is set to launch a cutting-edge satellite equipped with advanced image processing capabilities and machine learning/artificial intelligence frameworks.

Combining data from multi-mission satellite sensors, mobile applications, ground instruments, SCADA, and socioeconomic data, Erisha Space develops mathematical models that enable users to track, monitor, and analyze large-scale changes in land use, water resources, biodiversity, and climate change. The upcoming satellite will further enhance Erisha Space's capabilities and enable the provision of comprehensive solutions for remote sensing, GIS, and photogrammetry across various sectors.

"This year 2024 is a crucial year for us and Erisha Space plans to launch a satellite for image processing and machine learning/artificial intelligence frameworks, which will help us provide comprehensive solutions and services for remote sensing, GIS, and photogrammetry in various domains," revealed Mr. Darshan Rana, Chairman and Managing Director of Rana Group. "We aim to bring about effective planning and monitoring of national missions through space-based geospatial support."

The satellite will leverage advanced image processing capabilities and a suite of machine learning/artificial intelligence frameworks to analyze and process vast amounts of data quickly and accurately. This technology will provide valuable insights into earth's resources, facilitating more effective natural resources mapping, agro-economics, large-scale cartographic and topographic mapping, infrastructure planning and monitoring, deforestation and afforestation studies, city planning and governance, and environmental impact assessment.

Mr. Debadatta Mishra, Director of Erisha Space Pvt. Ltd and ex Senior Scientist/ISRO, emphasized, "Under strategic leadership, Erisha Space is actively involved in designing and developing space technologies for societal applications. We are determined to make a difference and set new benchmarks in the space industry." He further announced plans for the development of a Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV), slated for launch by 2025-2026. The SSLV will be capable of delivering up to 1000 kilograms of payload to low Earth orbit, with the long-term goal of transforming into a reusable launch vehicle to reduce launch costs.

Erisha Space Pvt. Ltd. is committed to delivering cutting-edge technology and cost-effective services to its customers. By encompassing the complete space ecosystem from satellite building to launch and application development, Erisha Space aims to reshape the industry and drive innovation. The team is devoted to the success of the SSLV launch vehicle and confident that it will revolutionize the space industry, opening up new frontiers and possibilities.

"We are proud to be part of this journey and determined to make a difference in the space industry. With our satellite technology and upcoming application, we strive to contribute to a more sustainable future," stated the Erisha Space team. Erisha Space Pvt. Ltd. invites individuals and organizations to join them in this groundbreaking venture and work towards a more environmentally conscious and sustainable world.

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