Menswear for the longest time has been bifurcated into formal and non-formal. As men’s fashion gets mainstream attention, we see an evolving trend of contemporary styling within men's clothing. From solid colours to pastel shades, vibrant patterns to minimalist details, men’s fashion is getting a much-needed transformation. Spearheading this fashion swirl are homegrown brands researching what precisely the market lacks and how the gap can be filled, while also keeping sustainability as a major factor. 

The advent of technology has made today’s consumers very informed and selective about what they pick and choose. Fashion is becoming a topic of influence, and the availability of good quality clothes at affordable prices expands the outlook towards sporting stylish attires. For women, there has been no dearth of clothing choices, with new trends every few months, or retro fashion making a comeback. But with men’s clothing, it is all about making sure you craft the new trends. 

Menswear which was once limited to officewear formals and partywear casuals is seeing a smooth amalgamation of a single shirt that can be styled differently to transition from one ambience to another. It simplifies fashion as well as makes it innovative. It is no-fuss, stylish and sheds inhibitions of conventional styling. 

Men often look for global brands for their perfect fit and quality and end up spending a lot more, which can also limit their wardrobe to a few shirts. Repetition has not been a major concern among the male gender. However, when there is an availability of premium quality at affordable prices, it is an undeniable choice. 

Homegrown brands being based within the final consumers are able to put a stronger foot forward in identifying key factors and researching what men want or what they’d love to have. When as a manufacturer you are aware of what the market doesn’t have, you have an undeclared competition to get there before your competitors. Once you have captured that market space, it also serves as a lesson of what to adopt and where to improve. Some of the Indian brands have been able to make waves across the borders, which is again a positive sign to expand and explore one’s collections. 

The terms ‘aesthetic’ and ‘minimalism’ have become a part of this generation’s vocabulary, translating into their choices for clothing as well. So as a brand, you need to be listening and providing it, to stay relevant in the fashion circles. Today, men can totally rock a pastel pink shirt and it is essential to evolve with these positive changes instead of only making uniform styles. Indian menswear is thus not restricted to mediocre checks but is transitioning into block prints, applique work, vertical stripes and so on… 

Fast fashion is being called out time and again, so conversations revolve around sustainability. A brand that uses natural dyes, offers eco-friendly packaging and provides premium quality shirts is bound to be a preference among fashion-conscious enthusiasts. 

We are noticing a shift from global to local, which is the biggest inspiration for the growing market. It also implants an idea among the consumer of contributing to their community. It definitely impacts purchasing behaviour, strengthening the hold of homegrown brands on the shelves.

Homegrown menswear brands are now able to craft a niche for themselves, evolving with the times to provide quality products for today’s informed audience. Sustainable, fashionable and affordable, we are in the right direction to make our collections a part of the global fashion parades.

About Author

In the ever-changing fashion industry, partaking as a brand-new fashion apparel entrepreneur can be challenging, but isn’t that the first step of entrepreneurship? Harsh Somaiya, the co-founder of The Bear House, an elevated core men’s fashion brand, knew challenges lay ahead of him. But his deep insights and thorough on-field expertise had the accurate strategies to tackle them. With his decade’s worth of experience in the menswear apparel industry, Harsh Somaiya knew that it was his very calling to establish a premium menswear brand with a vision to take it globally.

At 24 as a fresh graduate, Harsh Somaiya chased the opportunity to make it big and leapt into the apparel industry beginning with Bloomcraft Apparels, an export house in Bangalore. His role involved overseeing operations at Bloomcraft with over 1500 employees and manufacturing for some of the most renowned brands in the fashion industry including Mango, Zara, FCUK, and Marks & Spencer. This is where he spent 6 years learning the ropes of the retail fashion industry.

As a customer himself, when he identified the gap in the market for affordable smart casuals, in 2017, he parallelly worked to conceptualise his own brand The Bear House with his wife Tanvi Somaiya, the co-founder. Determined to make premium quality and effortlessly stylish clothes more accessible, by 2020, he shut down Bloomcraft to fully concentrate with unwavering spirits to grow his brand. Having gained a strong experience in fits, trim suppliers and manufacturing, his insights paved the way for creating a menswear brand in the urban-luxe segment. They began designing fine shirts which men could wear to work and head out straight to a party with sleeves rolled up!

The initial sales served the gumption and the brand has expanded to serve more than 10 categories with the vision to expand into others. From research, investments and expertise, Harsh gives it all. Recalibrating from a labour-intensive space to creating a new niche in the fashion market, his steadfastness exhibits in The Bear House becoming one of the fastest-growing men’s wear brands in the country.

When he’s away from work, Harsh’s curious mind gets its inspiration from his travels, international fashion trends and the D2C universe.

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