Electrek claimed on Wednesday, citing sources familiar with the situation, that electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc. has sold out of its Model Y for this quarter in the United States and won't be building any more until April.

According to the firm's website, the fully electric, mid-sized sports utility vehicle (SUV) is now anticipated to be delivered to US consumers between April and June 2023, while Model S is projected to be delivered between February and March.

This comes after Tesla slashed pricing by as much as 20% across the board in January, bringing the Model Y's price from $65,990 in the United States to $52,990, according to calculations by Reuters.

However, the automaker increased the cost of its best-selling vehicle by $1,000 in February.

A Reuters inquiry for comment received no immediate response from Tesla.

Additionally, Tesla put back to February or March the anticipated delivery of its entry-level Model Y to customers in Germany last month.