Ihsan Almarzooqi, Co-Founder

When COVID-19 came into existence back in 2020, there was an increasing need for more personalized and effective approaches to managing diabetes and metabolic care in the Middle East region. It was here GluCare Health stood-out as the beacon of hope to people in addressing this burgeoning need. The company’s primary vision is to transform the standard care in metabolic care and diabetes management through comprehensive and personalized approaches to healthcare. It also aims to deploy the latest digital technologies, data analytics, and expert human care to empower both patients and clinicians. Ali Hashemi, Co-Founder, GluCare Health, adds, “Our goal at GluCare is to disrupt the traditional models of care that have largely failed and introduce new tools and technologies that can transform lives, dramatically improve health outcomes, and increase patient engagement for people to live longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives”.

One of a Kind!

In the Middle East region, GluCare Health outshines as the first hybrid digital therapeutics (DTx) + human vertically integrated diabetes platform as well as the first clinic in the region to adopt DTx. The company is also amongst the world’s first healthcare providers to use remote continuous data monitoring as a part of its standard model of care. The combination of wearable and smart technology, data analytics, accountable care, unique in-clinic workflows, and a caring & connected expert care team, sets GluCare Health apart from the crowd besides holding ICCHOM, URAC, JCI & CAP accreditations within the first two years of operations.

GluCare offers a range of products and services including Remote Continuous Data Monitoring, which is a real-time and comprehensive view of patients’ health through wearable technology and data analytics; and DTx, which is an integration of digital technologies and therapeutic tools to improve health outcomes. Along with unique in-clinic workflows, its model includes an integrated and connected team that provides continuous engagement and management to ensure a hyper-personalized model of care is delivered to patients at all times. Ihsan Almarzooqi, Co-Founder, GluCare Health, says, “Our model has proven to be far more effective in managing metabolic diseases than traditional care models that is practised by 99% of all healthcare providers. As value-based organization, it is important that GluCare Health measures and reports its outcomes transparently, something unfortunately not practised by the majority of healthcare providers”.

The Road Ahead

Ali Hashemi, Co-Founder

The short-term goals for GluCare Health are to continue providing the highest quality of care for patients, expanding its services in Dubai, continue reporting outcomes in peer-reviewed publications, and continue to develop and iterate on both its physical and digital components. The company has now achieved this and for 2023, it aims to be a leader in the field of digital therapeutics and diabetes management while expanding its services and potentially exploring opportunities for growth in other regions. In addition, the company has now expanded its offering to tackle another major issue in the metabolic disease continuum- obesity-  through the launch of Zone Health, which aims to disrupt the medicated obesity space. The aim of the company is to become a global leader in the field of metabolic care and disease management.

"Our goal at GluCare Health is to disrupt the traditional models of care that have largely failed and introduce new technology enabled models of care that can transform lives, dramatically improve health outcomes, and increase patient engagement.