Google and WhatsApp have worked together to fix an Android problem. Multiple users posted screenshots of the privacy dashboard in May of this year, showing WhatsApp accessing the microphone even when the user was dozing off. Later, WhatsApp explained that the Privacy Dashboard's inaccurate privacy indications and notifications were the result of a problem. They definitely stated that because the microphone was not being used in the background, privacy was not jeopardised.

Particularly following a post from Elon Musk, the charges against WhatsApp attracted attention.  Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, added that the matter would be looked into. WhatsApp swiftly responded, though, and stated that the problem was caused by a fault in the Android system's Privacy Dashboard.

The business then asked Google to look into the issue and provide a solution.

Google had also acknowledged that the issue was a glitch in the Android software. For a small percentage of WhatsApp users, the problem resulted in the inaccurate display of privacy indicators.

The flaw has been fixed, according to a recent message from the official Twitter account for Android developers. They admitted that a small number of WhatsApp customers had been negatively impacted by the bug and thanked WhatsApp for working with them to find a solution. Google also expressed regret for any confusion the glitch may have caused and asked users to update the WhatsApp app to fix the issue.

The patch is now included in WhatsApp's most recent update for Android, guaranteeing that the bug is no longer caused by the application.

Users must download the most recent version of WhatsApp for Android from the Google Play Store to fix the privacy indicator problem.