Milk and milk based products are a global source of nutrition but at the same time is higly susceptible to spoilage.  For this reason, the dairy industry has resorted to incorporating undesirable substances and harmful chemicals to prolong their shelf life and to increase their business. This unfortunate practice sometimes results in milk, once revered for its purity, becoming unfit for human consumption.

Vinod Kumar Dutt, CEO

In light of these concerns, it is crucial to ensure the safety of milk products for human consumption. Brands like HF Super are leading the way by prioritizing the use of natural and safe techniques to produce secure and healthy milk and dairy products. This approach not only benefits consumers but also the environment by reducing the reliance on harmful chemical preservatives.

HF Super is a brand under Chanakya Dairy Products, established in 2005 in Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab, in collaboration with M/s Punjab Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. The company initiated an integrated dairy project with a handling capacity of 2.50 LLPD, which has now been expanded to 5.00 LLPD.

Over the years, the company has experienced growth and diversified its product range to include bread and bakery products, UHT milk, and ice cream. In the fiscal year 2021-22, HF-SUPER achieved a turnover of Rs. 473.00 Crores, and it is projected to reach Rs. 550.00 Crores in 2022-23. The company's vision is to become a trusted brand for authentic food products, consistently setting new standards and enhancing the quality of life for all. As part of its proposed plan, the company aims to open 700 super stores under the OTA Scheme and increase sales by Rs. 1200.00 Crores within five years, with a projected TTO of Rs. 1600.00 Crores within the same timeframe.

Venturing into the Dairy Sector

HF Super was established after the Central Government's de-licensing policy for the dairy sector in 1993. The founders were motivated to provide pure milk, known as AMRIT, to households, especially for children. To ensure the highest quality of raw milk, they established a sophisticated quality control lab and 1000 village-level centers on 70 milk procurement routes.

The company's main objective is to provide quality service rather than making a profit. Despite competing with well-known brands, HF Super maintains the quality of its products. It has received various certifications, including ISO-22000-2005 for food safety management systems, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and Q-mark certification for exports. Additionally, it is approved by the Export Council of India (ECI).

Product Variation and Advantages Offered

HF Super offers a wide range of products including pasteurized packed milk, milk powder, dairy whitener, butter, pure ghee, curd, lassi, paneer, Extended Shelf-life Milk (ESL), ice cream, bread, and bakery products. In order to enhance the quality and shelf-life of its curd, the company has introduced the Direct Vet Set (DVS) culture. Additionally, HF Super has expanded its ice cream and kulfi varieties to gain a larger market share.

HF Super is renowned for its pure and authentic products. The company prioritizes the quality of its raw milk by participating in the Clean-Milk Program initiated by the Government of India. Through this program, HF Super sources its raw milk from VLCCs and large farmhouses, ensuring improved microflora and ultimately enhancing the taste and shelf-life of its products. Furthermore, the company has implemented the Cold-Chain program by utilizing insulated vans to transport its products from the manufacturing plant to the dealers, guaranteeing no compromise in product quality.

Positive Aspect

HF Super stands out from its competitors due to its emphasis on service rather than profit-making. The company firmly believes in its core values, which shape its brand identity. The well-being of everyone involved in its ecosystem is of utmost importance to HF Super. The company operates with transparency and upholds ethical practices, which serve as the foundation of its brand. Taking responsibility for its outcomes, HF Super is dedicated to continuously enhancing its products and services. The team also values humility and holds deep respect for every individual who contributes to their journey. These values are integral to the brand and are upheld on a daily basis.

In addition to its focus on service, HF Super successfully competes with industry legends by maintaining product quality, ensuring the excellence of its inputs, and offering innovative products to its customers. The company has a robust marketing network consisting of 475 distributors and 7000 dealers, sub-dealers, and retailers across various states. These states include Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, and parts of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and J & K.

HF Super has set ambitious goals for the future. It plans to adopt 200 villages and gradually make Desi-Cows with A-2 quality milk available in these areas over a span of 5 years. The company also intends to establish farmhouses in 200 cluster villages, where 500 cows will provide 5000 kg of milk for sale as "organic milk." Additionally, HF Super aims to set up Gobar gas units.

Furthermore, the company actively participates in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and other social activities. It contributes to creating an eco-friendly environment by developing and maintaining lush green parks in the city. It also extends support to underprivileged students and victims of natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. HF Super has received three National Awards from the Government of India, along with numerous other accolades from reputable organizations.

"A Reliable Brand for Genuine Food items, constantly setting new Standards, as it focuses on caring and enhancing the quality of life for everyone."