In a tweet to Elon Musk, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD and "the inventor of email," indicated his interest in taking the helm of Twitter. Ayyadurai stressed his qualifications in his speech, claiming to have founded seven highly successful high-tech software companies and holding four degrees from MIT. Additionally, he asked for details on how to apply for Twitter's CEO position.

Ayyadurai's tweet received a lot of attention, and many users commented in favour of his candidature. While some complimented his accomplishments and skills in the computer sector, others expressed doubt about his prospects of truly succeeding Jack Dorsey as CEO of Twitter.

Although it is unclear if Ayyadurai's message will result in any further action, it has undoubtedly spurred discussion among Twitter users regarding his ability to run the well-known social media site. The social networking platform's CEO at the moment is Elon Musk, and he intends to remain in that post until he finds a suitable successor. Last week, Musk polled his Twitter followers to see whether they thought he should step down as CEO. He declared that he will follow the poll's findings. More than 57% of voters selected "Yes."

Elon Musk is aggressively looking for a replacement for himself as CEO of Twitter. The billionaire has asserted on numerous occasions that the job can only be filled by someone who "loves pain." Musk was also approached by well-known YouTuber MrBeast with the suggestion to give him control of Twitter. Musk did not completely reject the notion.