Infosys Topaz, a series of artificial intelligence-first services, solutions, and platforms utilising generative AI technology, was introduced by IT services major Infosys Ltd. on Tuesday.

"It helps amplify the potential of humans, enterprises and communities to tap into the next generation of opportunities to create value from unprecedented innovations, connected ecosystems and pervasive efficiencies. Infosys Topaz leverages Infosys-applied AI framework to build an AI-first core that empowers people to deliver cognitive solutions that accelerate value creation," said Infosys in a press release.

"Infosys Topaz is helping us amplify the potential of people — both our own and our clients," said Salil Parekh, CEO & MD of Infosys. While businesses are eager to secure their future growth, Infosys is witnessing significant interest from  clients in programmes that increase productivity and efficiency. The strength of generative AI platforms and data solutions brought by Infosys Topaz has greatly helped their own business processes. The clients are currently constructing new routes to increase their revenue-generating potential and progress with Infosys Topaz.

According to Infosys, Infosys Topaz "delivers cognitive solutions and intuitive experiences that revitalise growth" by combining the power of the Infosys Cobalt cloud with data analytics.

"Over 12,000 use cases, help seed and fast track new ideas. For example, a food and beverages chain leveraged Infosys Topaz to autonomously connect unconnected data signals coming in from new partners to deliver superior off-store consumer experience with 95% accuracy. Infosys Topaz Generative AI Labs delivers ready-to-use industry solutions to bring the value of AI to more functions, thus helping businesses become more cognitive, faster," said Infosys.

Infosys Topaz democratises data and information to offer value to more ecosystem players, empowering them to build innovative business models, AI-driven goods and services, and new revenue sources. For instance, a major railway operator used Infosys Topaz to develop a smart hub for cost-effectively building agile value chains with the market's finest partners for tasks like first- and last-mile logistics. With assistance from an ecosystem of more than 100 industry networks and alliances, Infosys Topaz empowers organisations across all industries.