Instagram is redesigning its web interface to make it look better. Even though Instagram's corporate head Adam Mosseri stated earlier this year that redesigning the app for large-screen devices like iPads isn't a priority, the platform is at least receiving a new look on PCs. Additionally, it would enable iPad users to utilise the Safari browser for a better visual experience (or Chrome). The new interface, however, is being introduced gradually, thus at this time it is only accessible to arbitrary users in a few locations.

The Verge noted that the new interface has a panel on the left rather than the top right. Existing tools like DMs (direct messages), explore, new posts, and notifications are included in the panel. Notably, the panel now has both text and icons, which makes it simpler for users to comprehend the precise functionality. The Stories panel is still located at the top for users. Regrettably, Instagram's online client still lacks a specific panel where users may see Reels, the platform's response to TikTok.

As per a screenshot, the new design looks relatively small and compact. The report, quoting a spokesperson, notes, "We are always working on ways to improve the web experience for people. We recently made updates to modernise, including improving the navigation, optimising the video experience, and introducing a more immersive way to DM".

The majority of these settings are dispersed over top and bottom panels in the app UI, unlike the previous layout. The software, of course, also provides a wide range of editing capabilities and the capability to post articles. This week, Instagram experienced a significant outage, and some users reported that their accounts had been mysteriously suspended. Many customers were unable to access their accounts after hitting the "disagree with the decision" button, which led to major panic. Later, the Meta-owned firm made it clear that the glitch that rendered Instagram accounts unavailable for almost two hours was the cause. Users in India and other nations experienced this problem, however it has already been resolved.