In order to reduce costs, Intel, a US-based chipmaker business, has announced another wave of mass layoffs. According to a report by Sacramento Inno, the corporation has eliminated 51 jobs from its San Jose, California headquarters and 89 jobs from its Folsom site. This follows the company's announcement in May that it would be cutting expenses by terminating staff as a result of losses.

According to rumours, the layoffs will begin at the end of the month. Additionally, along with other staff, Intel is laying off 10 GPU software engineers, 8 system software development engineers, 6 cloud software developers, 6 product marketing engineers, and 6 system-on-chip design engineers.

Notably, Intel maintains R&D divisions on its Folsom site for a variety of tasks, including the creation of SSDs, graphics processors, software, and chipsets.

Intel previously indicated its intention to reduce expenses in the face of a difficult macroeconomic climate by making layoffs.

The chipmaker did not reveal that exact number of upcoming employees at that time. It gave an official statement to Business Today, saying: “Intel is working to accelerate its strategy while navigating a challenging macro-economic environment. We are focused on identifying cost reductions and efficiency gains through multiple initiatives, including some business and function-specific workforce reductions in areas across the company. We continue to invest in areas core to our business to ensure we are well-positioned for long-term growth. These are difficult decisions, and we are committed to treating impacted employees with dignity and respect.”

It was rumoured in June of this year that Intel will sell its Bengaluru branch in order to continue focusing on the "Hybrid-first" concept. It seemed to be preparing to sign a lease with the new owners.

In an email statement, the company had told Tech Today, “As a hybrid-first company, we are continuing to assess and optimise our space utilisation to create more vibrant workspaces for our employees when they are on-site, while also achieving cost reductions. As such, we will be consolidating certain offices in Bengaluru. Bengaluru remains an important design and engineering centre for Intel, with approximately 14,000 employees based in the region."