In today’s high-tech world, the question keeps arising- Is ed-tech replacing skilled teachers and tutors? However, the reality is contrasting to the popular myth. It has mostly been about providing accessibility of resources to students and aspirants. Also, contrary to popular belief, edtech is not just about providing alternate education to school kids or K12, it is also about providing training on relevant subjects, enabling education counselling efficiently, and making quality content available through technology. Beyond the air of online learning, there are some of the unique edtech models that have been utilizing AI, Data analytics and Machine learning to the fullest brim, to eventually make resources accessible including- knowledge, counselling, guidance, preparatory materials etc.


AdmitKard aims to mentor students in the college application process. The platform  is equipped with all that is required to end this stress about universities and the courses. The platform suggests the best possible universities through data backed algorithms, and apply to these universities from the same platform in a few clicks. The platform also recommends relevant current international students, called Mentors, who can provide real -experience sharing of their journey to studying abroad. Students get end-to-end guidance from availing the best education loans, academic and language test preparations, profile building, accommodation services and financial services.


Vidyakul is a vernacular e-learning platform that helps state board students to learn academics via pre-recorded and live lectures. Vidyakul's mission is to bridge the gap between students and teachers all over India by creating an online platform that enables students to meet renowned teachers for quality, integrated, interactive learning. Vidyakul works to provide students, parents, and teachers with a perfect online platform to solve all their problems related to learning and teaching online. 


Pariksha is solving the massive problem of accessibility and affordability of outcome-based education for the mobile 1st internet users of Bharat. Pariksha is trying to solve the problems of students who live in tier-2 and tier-3 towns of India and are preparing for government jobs, as they have no proper access to computers, preparation materials and mentorship. It covers content for government exams in various fields including- teaching, banking, defence, railways etc.


Digikull, is a Ed-tech startup that provides certified technical courses, with pay after placement only services. Offering an array of development courses starting from 17 weeks to 32 weeks. The brand has been achieving almost 100 percent placement for its highly skilled batches. The startup is weaved to address the requirements of both- the candidates and the corporate. The idea is to offer flexible pay after placement opportunities to the candidates and the skilled workforce to corporate.