There are many ways to waste your money in the media. But the most promising, traditional, well entrenched and the legendary way is to buy visibility but making sure that it’s empty. Every marketer, every advertiser is looking for visibility, Every penny spent in marketing has the sole purpose of ensuring visibility.

Wherever your eyes go, whether it's the skyline of a city, or the sky. Whether a street, a cell phone screen, a celluloid screen or the television screen, your brand must be seen. After the invention of social media, brands started suffering from FOMO. They feel that they need to be seen somehow. Every day. 365 days a year.

Eyes are the most powerful of senses. Whatever eyes consume, makes an impact on the mind.

But, when it doesn't have a deeper connection with the consumer, It's a very superficial visibility.

That visibility is only appealing up to the level of eye, it doesn't go to your mind.

And most of the brands are wasting their money just being visible.

Fundamentally, there are three solid strategies to waste your advertising money.

  1. Make sure that you say everything about your brand and nothing which the consumer is interested in.
  2. Make sure that you say very interesting things to the consumer, but don’t make your brand connect simply.
  3. Make sure that you don’t have any interesting things to say and you also don’t have any real brand connect. This is not very common but works like magic.

For beginners, there are some specific strategies listed below. Try them and you can blow up your money faster. These strategies work. You can look around and get millions of proofs.

  1. Try to talk to everybody. Leave none. Everybody is your target audience. You don’t believe in discrimination. A kid, an old man, rich, poor, all are equal.
  2. Be topical. Try to seize every opportunity out there. Some celebrity weddings are happening! Your toilet paper brand can always congratulate them. India wins the world cup, your vegetable cleaner brand can always tell the world that cleaning vegetables is imperative to winning the world cup.
  3. Talk about your new ‘Crystal Ring’ technology to make bottle openers. And other such Nobel Prize worthy patents.
  4. Try to do what other successful brands, in categories other than yours, are doing. Try to take the same medicine that a Pneumonia patient took, to cure your own leg injury. Just because the medicine looks attractive and the proof that the other guy got cured.
  5. Strongly feel that the consumer is signed under a contract to not only notice your ad but also to make notes on your use of 3.76% of ‘Jojoba Oil’ in creating the new product that is actually smelling worse than the old one. With this feeling, rest assured that whatever you do, you will burn your money faster than you would if you invested in fire crackers.

Communication is extremely complicated and extremely simple too. If you start from the product, it’s extremely complicated. If you start from the human you are talking to, it’s extremely simple.

In communication, quality always prevails over quantity. Getting a message is always more important than giving a message.

Mind controls the eyes. Eyes obey the mind. If your communication is only reaching the eyes, you are wasting your money. But if you can use your eyes to reach the mind and the heart, your money becomes a great investment. Your heart is the greatest real estate to invest in. It multiplies your investments and keeps paying you for a long time.