One of the city’s most eminent ICSE schools in Khar, the Jasudben ML School (JML) and Bloomingdales Pre-Primary, are proud to announce the launch of their innovative initiative, the “Kindness Crusade” to foster a culture of kindness and empathy at school. Through the “Kindness Crusade” initiative, the school intends to encourage its students and staff members to prioritise compassion in their daily interactions.

In an age where digital devices often consume our attention, it is easy to overlook the world around us and forget the importance of being kind to each other. However, the Kindness Crusade initiative serves as a gentle reminder to students to look up from our screens, connect with those around them, and extend a helping hand when needed.

Starting from the academic year 2023-24, two students from each class are randomly selected as “Kindness Crusaders” each week. These individuals are given a special “Kindness Crusader” badge, signifying their commitment to spreading kindness throughout the school community. Their mission is simple yet powerful - to think beyond themselves and be aware of the feelings and needs of others. During their week as “Kindness Crusaders,” students are encouraged to observe acts of kindness and unkindness. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to document these instances by completing a form provided by the school. By actively recognising both positive and negative behaviours, the “Kindness Crusaders” contribute to open discussions and reflection within the classroom as well.

The “Kindness Crusade” is not limited to students. Five staff members are also chosen each week to participate in this inspiring initiative, thereby involving the entire school community. By doing so, JML School and Bloomingdales Pre-Primary aim to create a nurturing environment that nurtures empathy, respect, and a deep understanding of the profound power of kindness.

Mrs Damayanti Bhattacharya, the principal of Jasudben ML School, is enthusiastic about the initiative, saying, “The Kindness Crusade is a small step towards making the world a better place. By encouraging our students and staff to be kind and compassionate, we are instilling values that will shape their character and positively impact their lives and the lives of those around them.”

With a unique pedagogical approach, JML School and Bloomingdales Pre-Primary endeavour to spark young minds with skills, values and lessons beyond the conventional classroom for all-round, wholesome growth. And the schools’ “Kindness Crusade” initiative is a sure step in this direction.

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