India-wide release, 9th January 2023: Jasudben ML School and Bloomingdales Pre-Primary recently celebrated its  Founder's Day. To mark the occasion, this year the school celebrated an entire week in the school, filled with various activities for the students of various classes.

On 20th Dec, Classes from VII to ISC participated in a drama based on the famous “Birbal and Tenali Raman” and showcased their skills in theatre and dance. The play was performed  at the Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir auditorium in Bandra, so parents could  get an opportunity to watch the show.

The Pre-Primary section initiated the row of activities on 20th December.Taking the collection of popular bedtime stories from Panchatantra as the theme, all their games were based on the stories. There was also a shadow puppet show narrating one of these stories as well as a potter who helped the children make the small pots etc. Children also performed in a flash mob dance to some toe tapping songs and surprised their parents. A photo booth was set up for everyone to take photographs and take back worthwhile memories.

On 22nd December, the Primary section held a Musical exhibition, 'Beat of Life'.

Each level of the primary school chose one of the four continents. Level 1 chose ASIA, Level 2 EUROPE, Level 3 AFRICA, and Level 4 AMERICA. Students selected any two countries of their choice in keeping  with the continent allotted to each level, and they were then required to make musical instruments representative of the chosen country out of waste items.

Parents attended the exhibition after which they proceeded to a quiz based on the exhibition. Students along with their parents performed for everyone by dancing or playing an instrument.. Lastly, there was a game of musical chairs for the parents and students.

22nd December saw an Inter-school” Kid Lit Fest”  event for students from class V and up conducted by ‘Peek-A-Book’. . Famous children's book authors like Nandita DaCunha, Vaishali Shroff, Lubaina Bandukwala, and Mallika Ravikumar along with award winning author Jerry Pinto were some of the authors who spoke to the students about their books.

“C’est La Vie”  organised by students of std XI sawstudents from  classes IX-XII take  part in all kinds of fun games and activities, on 21st December. In the past, this event was only open to the   students, however, this year the school invited students from other schools as well making it an Inter-school event.

Talking about the Founder’s Week, the Principal of Jasudben ML School and Bloomingdales Pre-Primary, Mrs Damayanti Bhattacharya, said, “Founder’s Week saw a splendid celebration at school and some astounding performances by the students across various activities related  to the arts, drama, science, music and academics. We are extremely proud to have come this far as an institute, and we will continue to strive for excellence. The beautiful show of talent by our students  this week gives us confidence that we are treading the right path as we create a community of smart, creative, talented individuals who will eventually be responsible for the country’s growth and development in the long run. On behalf of the school, I’d like to thank all the teachers, parents and students who made this event a huge success.”

Furthermore, to culminate the celebrations of this joyous occasion, parents held a Mini Bazaar, with the sale of various products, the proceeds of which will go be used for charitable purposes.

JML School has always believed in inculcating in young learners a blend of traditional values and contemporary thought through wholesome experiences. The School has often adopted various creative yet effective ways to impart education to its students and has gone the extra mile to offer such enriching experiences. The celebration of this Founder’s week truly reflected this ideology as the school encouraged students to participate in a plethora of activities. These activities, the school believes, help students hone their skills, build their personality as well as understand the importance of time management and organisation. They also encourage them to network and better understand their strengths and weaknesses. The Founder’s week celebration at JML school was a remarkable success as, through the week, students demonstrated expertise, ingenuity and versatility that all signify a promising future for them.

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