Jharna Rani Ghosh, CEO

Ghee is an inseparable part of the India’s culinary heritage. This liquid gold is a symbol to tradition and authenticity in our kitchens – from daily cuisines to divine sweets. Jharna Ghee, founded in 1968 by the visionary Mr. Sagar Chandra Ghosh, carries with it a legacy steeped in this culture. The name "Jharna" holds a deeper significance beyond being a label. It represents a loving tribute to Mr. Ghosh's wife, Mrs. Jharna Rani Ghosh, and their shared commitment to preserving the authentic essence of India. This is not merely a brand; it is a story that begins with a dream—a dream of making pure and delectable ghee accessible to every household.

Their inspiration arose from the scarcity of affordable and trustworthy ghee in the market. They wanted to alleviate the concerns of consumers, assuring them of the purity and quality of the ghee they were purchasing. Jharna Ghee was born out of the desire to offer a convenient and affordable solution, filling the void in the market.

A Legacy of 5 Decades

Over the years, the company has embraced change, incorporating valuable feedback from customers, market trends, and innovations. This commitment to excellence is reflected in their products, which have consistently offered an unparalleled combination of quality and affordability. The recent revamp of their packaging shows their dedication to staying current while preserving the timeless appeal of their ghee. Their decision to shift from red to blue packaging retains the brand's essence while providing a fresh, updated look. This change extends across various bottle sizes, from 50gm to 1kg containers, catering to the diverse needs of their customers.

Their ghee boasts a finer granularity and an enduring natural aroma, free from artificial preservatives. With a strong commitment to social responsibility, Jharna Ghee regularly donates its products to remote tribal areas, ensuring that those with limited access to conventional markets can enjoy the benefits of quality ghee.

Jharna Ghee specializes in their Gawa ghee, available in various quantity sizes, including 50gm, 250gm, 500gm bottles, and canisters for larger orders. In addition to ghee, they have introduced Jharna Honey, which encapsulates the essence of the Sundarbans, and Jharna Kasundi, a classic Bengali mustard sauce. These products cater to diverse culinary preferences, offering a rich tapestry of flavors and aromas. They are gaining popularity, further cementing Jharna Ghee's reputation for excellence in the food industry.

The Uniqueness

The product remains smooth and unaltered even after days of use, thanks to their meticulous production process. Jharna Ghee emphasizes manual labor, with 80 percent of the ghee-making process relying on skilled hands rather than machines. This human touch maintains the quality and authenticity of their product.

Jharna Ghee takes pride in its commitment to gender diversity. With women comprising 35 percent of their workforce, the company recognizes the exceptional multitasking and nurturing abilities of women. Their CEO, Mrs. Jharna Rani Ghosh, plays a pivotal role in guiding the company's decisions, offering a perspective that enhances the efficiency and cohesiveness of the entire team.

The product can be found in retail stores such as Spencer and Metro Cash & Carry, as well as in local grocery stores. However, as India has embraced the digital age, the product is now conveniently available through online platforms like Big Basket, The State Plate, Zepto, Amazon, India Cuisine, Indian Flavors, and Blinkit. Now, individuals can savor the goodness of Jharna Ghee with just a few clicks from the comfort of their homes. The quality and taste that have earned the top position among food products ordered across various states. In recognition, Jharna Ghee was featured in The State Plate India, a platform showcased in Shark Tank India Season 1.

Immediate Goals and Traction

The company's immediate goals include expanding their product range, increasing sales across all their products, and broadening their reach to different states. Their priority is the welfare of their workforce, with an aim to uplift the lives of their employees as they continue to grow. The biggest success of Jharna Ghee lies in the unwavering trust and love of their customers. The brand has been endorsed by renowned chefs and embraced by food bloggers, signifying its enduring appeal across generations.

As Jharna Ghee continues to evolve, expand, and innovate, it remains a symbol of tradition, quality, and excellence in the world of dairy products. With a commitment to both its customers and workforce, the company is well-poised to thrive in the years to come, serving households and restaurants with the purest, most delectable ghee, just as it has for over five decades.