JW Café pays tribute to the forgotten recipes and timeless tastes of Murshidabad’s authentic local flavors by Chef Rehman Mujeebur.

Mumbai, September, 2023: In its unwavering commitment to celebrate India’s rich culinary heritage and present a stage for the true maestros behind the flavors, JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar is set to embark on a culinary odyssey that promises to transport diners to the heart of Murshidabad. From 29th September - 8th October, 2023, JW Cafe proudly introduces “The Royal Flavours of Murshidabad” 

This extraordinary gastronomic affair is a heartfelt tribute to the forgotten recipes and timeless tastes that grace the historic landscape of Murshidabad. Leading this immersive journey is none other than the esteemed Chef Rehman Mujeebur. With an illustrious career spanning royal cuisines from the Northwest Frontier to Kashmir, Typical Mughlai to Rampuri, Awadhi to Hyderabadi, Chef Rehman has been a pioneer of Rampuri cuisine for over two decades. 

Hailing from the culinary capital of Lucknow, Chef Rehman’s culinary roots trace back to his great- grandfather, the late Abdul Raheem Quraishi, who adorned the Royal Kitchen of Awadh during the British Era. Today, Chef Rehman brings this ancestral wisdom to life on a plate, conjuring the enchanting flavors of Murshidabad, nestled along the historic banks of the Bhagirathi River in West Bengal. This treasure trove of gastronomic heritage, has been a witness to centuries of indigenous flavors mingling with Persian influences. 

The specially crafted menu by Chef Rehman promises an unparalleled culinary sojourn that pays homage to the lost recipes and enduring flavors of this regal province. Thoughtfully designed to cater to the most discerning palates, the menu seamlessly integrates vegetarian options, ensuring that every guest partakes in a royal feast that lingers in their memory.

Guests can savor a wide array of exquisite dishes, including non-vegetarian delights such as Murgir Sarson Pasanda, Behari Boti, Dogosht, Pyaz, Haldi Sarson Gosht, Haremurge Korma, Dum Murgh and Rohu Mach. Additionally, there are delectable vegetarian options like Mutter Ke Tikki, Paniphal Tikia, Saloni Meva Ke Kachori, Anjeer Kofta Aloo,  Paneer Anjeer Tikka among others. To satisfy your sweet cravings, indulge in desserts such as Khajoor Gur Kheer, Zafrani Sheermal Halwa, Seviyan Kheer, Balai Ke Tukre and Aam Ke Gulathy.

JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar takes immense pride in bringing hyper-regional and unexplored cuisines to the city, and "The Royal Flavors of Murshidabad" is a testament to their commitment to offering guests a truly immersive culinary experience. 

The Royal Flavours of Murshidabad at JW Cafe 

  • Date – 29th September - 8th October, 2023
  • Timings- 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm

            7:00 pm to 11:00 pm 

For reservations, call on 022 6882 8888 or WhatsApp on +919136981955

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