21st October 2022: There’s a common adage that ‘most times in magic, as in life, what you do is not as essential as how you do it.’ Magic tricks always manage to fascinate and impress children. They are always eager to learn, experiment, have fun, and trick their friends and family. All children love to role-play as magicians.

By collaborating with Kruti Parekh Magic Academy, KidZania has undertaken the responsibility of fulfilling a child's fantasy and eliciting their joy.

Being a magician involves extensive training, expertise, talent, and a lot of practice, just like many other professions.  In KidZania, kids can train to become professional magicians by playing the role of a Magic Show Performer for 20 minutes. They can learn magic tricks, develop magic talents, expand their creativity and self-confidence, and also find tips to improve their magical performance. The art of performing magic involves presenting illusions and tricks to amuse spectators. When children head to Kruti Parekh’s Magic Academy and master the necessary abilities, then it is time for them to put on a magician's cap, swing the wand, and dazzle the audience with amazing magic tricks by saying ABRACADABRA!

What are you waiting for? Go visit  Kruti Parekh Magic Academy and get first-hand experience only at KidZania Delhi NCR and KidZania Mumbai!


Tarandeep Singh Sekhon, Marketing Director, KidZania India said, “At KidZania, we strive to make every moment magical, every experience extraordinary, and every memory worth remembering. And this time, we are extremely happy to partner with Kruti Parekh’s Magic Academy. Magic is fun and it also teaches a lot of handy skills that can go a long way in child development. By teaming up with Kruti Parekh - India's leading mentalist, we invite all parents to let their kids experience this truly magical role-play activity and learn how to perform the art of magic at KidZania!”

Dr. Kruti Parekh, Head Magic Academy

Sim Silabi Fu fu fu! Hocus Pocus! Abracadabra! Ever Wondered what all you can disappear, appear or levitate  with these Magic Words? We, At Kruti Parekh Magic Academy empower you to do exactly that. Magic is one of the most enjoyed art forms by kids and parents alike.  At the Academy, we add a little bit of additional learning making it the most enjoyable form of edutainment both Inside out. Magic helps develop hand and eye coordination, digital dexterity, confidence, thereby building the personality of the child  in a fun way. In addition to this, it also builds a mindset of making the impossible possible. Partnering with KidZania India, we have tried to create a first of its kind experience, to create a roleplay of  learning the Magic as an apprentice and then performing the show as a performer, just like it happens for a professional Magician.”

About KidZania India

KidZania is an interactive family entertainment & learning center that empowers, inspires & educates through real-life role-playing activities. KidZania is a unique combination of Entertainment, an immersive media platform for brands to connect with Children and Adults, with a strong focus on giving back to society and better the community and environment. Built like a city, it is complete with paved roads, battery operated vehicles, buildings, a functioning economy & its own currency. By blending reality with entertainment, it provides an authentic and powerful developmental platform where kids can discover, explore and learn about the real world. The realism of the role-play helps children learn about different careers, work, economy and how to manage money. Each activity experience is designed by Educationalists, Play Experts & Child Physiologists to aid and boost different behavioral skills and values in a child. KidZania represents industries present in the real world like private services, public services, entertainment, airline, automobile, retail, restaurants and factories where children can play the role of a Pilot, Surgeon, Detective, Chef, Engineer, TV Producer, Radio Jockey & much more from over 100 role-playing activities. ‘Industry Partners’ augment the role-playing experiences by enriching and creating an authentic, immersive and interactive brand experience, unmatched by any other location-based entertainment property. For Brands, KidZania serves as a sustainable engagement platform where brands get product exposure, brand exposure and immersive experience through branded role-plays. KidZania is globally present across 26 cities in 20 countries, including multiple locations in Americas, Europe, Japan, Korea, Middle East and Asia.  KidZania has been operational in India at Mumbai since Sep 2013 and Delhi NCR since May 2016.

About  Kruti Parekh Magic Academy:

Kruti Parekh Magic Academy is the brainchild of Dr Kruti Parekh, who is  an Artistic Illusionist, World’s Premier Female Mentalist, Magic Effect Consultant & A Global Motivational Speaker. She has performed more than 15000 shows in more than 35 Countries of the world and her  distinguished and esteemed audiences include Emperor and Empress of Japan, Queen Silva of Sweden, Prime minister of Australia and Prime Minister of China to name a few. She started performing magic at the age of 5, with virtually no background in Magic. She faced a lot of resistance and difficulty in learning magic and swore as a child to grow up to open her own magic academy to spread the artform of Magic making  it accessible to  hobbyists as well as professional magic learners. She has been teaching magic for more than 15 years now and has taught  more than 1500 children and Adults around the world. She has also trained many professional magicians, who are currently performing in the industry and making a good living for themselves, at par with other professional jobs. 

Kruti Parekh Magic Academy conducts both online and offline magic courses at schools, universities, corporate houses etc. as short magic workshops as well as continued yearly courses allowing students and magic enthusiasts to hone  the artform of magic and also develop their personality.

The academy also has unique and engaging courses like “Magic for Networking” designed to empower and train corporate employees with magic tricks that will help them network with their peers, thereby creating a wow factor and a recall value at corporate events, conferences etc .

At the Kruti Parekh Magic Academy, we also believe in  inclusion and equal opportunity and  thus have also developed courses for special children to do occupational therapy, work on fine motor skills, speaking skills, concentration skills, and thereby build confidence and personality through magic training .

Dr. Kruti also is consulted for TV advertisements, live shows, product launches, weddings & movies for magic effects. If your kids want to learn magic then Kruti Parekh Magic Academy at KidZania is the place to be.

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