Offers a Rs 10 Incentive for Every Referral That Leads to a YouSay Registration

YouSay, one of the top three Telugu news apps which promises to revolutionise not just the news app industry, but the way news is consumed in the Telugu speaking regions of the country, announced the launch of an attractive referral program that enables subscribers to earn handsomely via referrals.

Says, Ismail Shaik, the CEO & Founder, YouSay, “YouSay offers an amazing refer and earn program that enables anyone to make a fair amount of money simply by sharing the app with friends or anyone else.

What’s more there is no limit to how much you can earn simply by referring the app to as many people, as you possibly can.”

YouSay grants 10 points (10 INR) by default, to any subscriber who installs the app for the first time through either a referred code/link or directly from the play store and follows it up by registering with the app. Every point can be redeemed for a rupee and the minimum points required to be able to start redeeming are 100. This referral program is divided into two levels- (Level I) Direct Installs Points and (Level II) Indirect Install Points. Subscribers can earn points on account of direct referrals and downloads under Level I and additional points under Level II on account of further referrals and downloads flowing from the Level I referrals.

YouSay hopes to leverage the massive opportunity presented by the news publishing industry in the digital age and is, therefore, slated to grow exponentially. In a scenario where people are forced to choose between myriad news channels on YouTube to access news and find Google News too

time-consuming to use daily, an app like YouSay steps up to the plate and delivers just the news people need-easily and readily.

This app allows users access to all their news content requirements conveniently in one place. Besides, the YouSay app is an interactive news app that lets users obtain real-time views of people.

Furthermore, users are empowered to receive credible local, state-specific and national news updates. Developed by the app’s upcoming features would be the ability to place personal classified ads to sell, rent, lease, forge alliances, search for jobs-everything that one did via the old newspaper. The newly announced referral program announced by YouSay is sure to take off on the back of its feature-rich design that has already made it one of the top news apps in the region. This sure is one app that will see an extremely impressive number of downloads in the days ahead. The app can be downloaded for both Android and IOS.

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