GPT-4, the fourth generation of Microsoft's large language model (LLM), is expected to be released soon. Compared to GPT-3.5, GPT-4 will be even more sophisticated and better able to understand natural language. At an upcoming occasion called AI in Focus - Digital Kickoff, the tech giant intends to present the model.

According to Windows Central, Andreas Braun, Chief Technical Officer of Microsoft Germany, confirmed the availability of GPT-4 and hinted that the new model would have intriguing new capabilities. Multi-modality, which enables machines to process and comprehend information across several modes, such as auditory, visual, and text, will be one of GPT-4's most prominent characteristics.

The capacity of GPT-4 to produce AI-generated films from straightforward text instructions will be another intriguing capability. With this power, LLMs would be able to produce a wider variety of content, which might completely alter how different sectors produce videos.

Although ChatGPT, a well-known conversational AI tool, is powered by GPT-3.5, its restrictions limit it to text-based responses. GPT-4's multimodal models, however, might alter this and open the door for more complex and varied content.

In related news, Microsoft's Bing search engine has benefited from the addition of ChatGPT, which has helped it expand to over 100 million daily active users. A third of everyday Bing preview users engage in AI chat every day.